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Standing for too long

For a long time now if I'm standing for a long time (like if I'm chatting to someone), I feel that if I don't sit down soon I'm going to fall down! Does anyone else feel lile this?

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Yes I can only stand for so long then I have to sit down. There has been times when I have had to sit on the floor when I have been out, then my partner has to help me because I can't get up again. I have to sit down tho' or I honestly think I would fall if I didn't. I often find myself swaying as well if I am standing as this seems to help.


me to.. i use a crutch as i think this helps a little.. but i mostly have to lean on something or like u said... sit down..... its horrible eh xx


I'm the same cant stand for long, as my back starts to give way, if im on the street i have to lean against a shop window or wall, cant stand it some people think im ignorant as i have to walk away or keep on the go.;-}


I'm the same, it is really horrible, my wife has to do most things for me, if I stand at the sink for more than a couple of minutes my back goes into spasm and I have to lean on the worktop until it passes.

I don't know if it is correct but I was told that the reason we get like that is because of the way our bodies tolerate the pain we bear that standing puts more pressure on our systems and it is our bodies way of telling us that it has had enough. I think that was how it was explained to me..lol

I was also asked to keep a check on my sugar levels and to see what the level was when I had one of these fainty episodes and I found that my sugar levels did drop a lot, I am not diabetic even with diabetes in the family.

You are not alone in this Bacaloca as you can see but it is not nice feeling like that..

It may be worth checking your sugar levels when you get an episode, I carry a kit with me always just to double check.

Hugs and prayers

Steve xx


Yes I do all the time lol. I'm 39 but have been like that for years. Do you have a lower back problem as well as fibro? If you do chances are that your pelvic floor musles and glute muscles are very week. Best thing to do is see if you can get a pilates dvd and do a small portion of the exercises. I do a ten minute section in mine called releasing the tension and also do an exercise known as "the clam" which helps you build up your glutes and will increase your standing time and general stability! here is a website that shows you how to do the clam. fitsugar.com/Exercise-Video... Hope this is helpful to you. x


It would be better to get assessed by a physiotherapist before jumping into an exercise program, if you are not already doing similar exercises.

This blog has advice on Physio and Fibro:


Weak core muscles is a common cause of postural imbalances.


yes i can only sit/stand and lay for a short while but i can be standing there abnd feel like i am gonna go down i never have but i have to hold onto something it really is an awful feeling love to you diddle x


Thanks for all your respones, glad I'm not on my own. x


I would actually say that you should mention this to your GP and consider whether you could be struggling with low blood pressure when standing.


I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was 16 they think I may of been born with it! Anyway I've felt like this for ages. I just assumed it was because of my back, like you do! lol. I use a stick around the house but only then I can only stand for a couple of minutes. I have a perching stool to help for doing a few dishes (one or two plates normally lol). I don't go out now unless I have my stck/4 wheeled walker/wheelchair/carer (husband) My husband decided to become my carer, I never asked him, but I'm glad he did now, cos I need help with so many things. To stop me from going mad I have given all of my help things names. My stick is called Stephy, my 4 wheeled walker is called Wally and my wheelchair is called Wendy!! lol haha. It's that age old adage - you have to laugh or you'll cry!!! I'm glad that I'm part of this group, it's great. I'm also glad I'm not on my own!! Thanks peeps, you help a lot of us. xxx


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