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Good couple of days

I have a good couple of days almost pain free and able to do what i want. Now its back down to earth with a great big bump. Hardly any sleep last night, woke with a fuzzy head and headache, pain all over legs, arms hands, ribs, pain between my shoulder blades. Knew it was to good to be true. Lets see how long this lasts, have to go to jobcentre on Tuesday, They have put me in the WRAG group. Don't know how they expect me to go to work, all i get is a couple of days grace and it is back to the suffering again. appealing against the DLA decision.. Complaining about doctor's attitude on Monday and have asked my GP to refer me to another consultant.

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Oh dear you have got alot going on bless ya but how are you gonna work lol i dont think so

i am the same as you i have a day or two tha are ok not completely pain free but maybe could do couple hours of something then if i did it would crank the pain up and then i would be laid up for few more days so with you on that one

as for the GP you go ahead and complain if you are not getting the care you should and any compassion from them then they need to be reported and you need to be listened too i am so lucky on that front my GP is fantastic but it is half the battle to have a GP that listens and understands that you can go see if only for a chat and catch up which i do regularly

everytime i go to see her my name flashes up on the board i walk down the corridor and she gets up and meets every single one of her patients at the door which i think is a lovely gesture and i have often given her a thankyou card as she really does go beyond what she has to do

i hope that you get on ok with it all and end up getting it all sorted it is all very stressful and that doesnt help us either love to you diddle x


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