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Ok the good news is its EASTER woo woo and i am going to my mum and dads all day with all my family kids partner grandkids sister nieces bo in law we are having a mini christmas woo hoo cant wait mum does the best dinner and chocolates every coerner of the room so i will be rolling home about 11 tonight lovely , i leave my little dog at home as he gets stressed out with all the people and too many tit bits but i pop home 2 x to walk and feed him and he has got dog flap so he is ok and the bad news is did not sleep again last night well only for about and hour arghhhhhhh please someone get a dart gun like they use on animals in the jungle and shoot me with it so i sleep for at least 4 hours !!!!!!!!!

anyway love to you diddle xxx

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well i try to keep my humour as once that goes the slippery slope begins ! actually where does the slippery slope go to ? do you know ? love to you diddle x


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