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I really am on empty now i cannot physically or mentally do anymore i took my doggy rusty to seafront this morning with my partner for half hour

and then took my youngest to asda toget my grandsons their birthday present it i a joint one a patio set for them their birthdays in my/june exactly month apart

then came home and i am on empty but cannot sleep i said to my partner i am sooooo tired he said go to bed this afternoon i have sat down but eyes wont shut arghhhhhhhh!!!

But something is gonna give soon big time dont know what but its got oo i cannot physically or mentally carry on like this

the meds i am on should be strong enough to knock out an elephant lol but NO diddle is still standing (sounds like a cue for a song lol) but seriously i really am in agony all over my knees my hips my arms well all over just wish the muscles in my lids would give up and drop for at least 34 hours

oh well the sun is beaming down now so now gonna have a cuppa and meds and se what happens not alot i bet love to you all diddle x

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Diddle so sorry to hear you are having a rough day, try and keep your chin up will be thinking of you. Sending you gentle hugs xo


yeah i will never get too down or try not too lol jus soooooo tired i reall am locve and hugs to you too diddle x


some times we re our own worst enemy, when we need a rest we try and carry on, but its no good we know we ll pay for it in the end, try and rest, hope you better soon


Have you tried any relaxation tapes Diddle? I have a few which were recommended by a counsellor some time ago and I find they help. They may not make you sleep but if you can get nice and relaxed and cosy sometimes that helps the pain to ease a little.

Take it easy tomorrow as it sounds as though you have had a busy day today. Take care, Angela xx


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