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Duvet day.... with Daisycat!

Duvet day....  with Daisycat!

Hi guys, not feeling too well today so won't probably be around much today, though will check in periodically. Just worn out and in lots of pain - so going to take it easy.

My cat is doing the same - as the picture shows! She always knows when I'm not feeling right, and she will either come and sit by me, but usually on me! It is comforting though.

Hope everyone has a good Saturday, sending gentle hugs to you all out there xxxxx


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bless youlook so comfortable althoiugh you prob are not blesss you hope that a day of rest doe you good and your little cat too love her , take care lots of love diddle x


So glad you have Daisycat to cuddle up to when you feel poorly, I bet she cheers you up. Hope you feel better soon and are able to have a happy easter. Love Angela x


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