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Care and Comfort for your body

Your own powerful healing force strives continually to repair your body. This force operates most effectively when you are relaxed and feeling good inside. Powerful healing agents flood your body, including endorphins, the pain-relievers.

No-one likes having pain, but it is here and need your care. Your best support yourself by developing a compassionate attitude towards your body and your pain...

Be patient with yourself.

Respect your body for what it can and cannot do at the moment.

Help your body in whatever way you can.

Have an attitude of loving kindness and compassion towards your body.

Talk to the part that hurts.

Thank your body for everything it has done for you in the past.

Apologise for if you have mistreated it in any way.

Tell your body and your pain that you are doing your best to care for it now.

Ask your body and your pain to let you know if there is anything it needs.

Breathe warmth and relaxation into the hurt part.

Remember - focus on the positive aspects of life and on what you can do to help yourself.

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Thanks for that Rach, I always try as much as possible to be postive around my fibro, but can be so difficult when in severe agony, I will try what you say and see if it helps me, thanks again for this excellent advise on how to cope, I always say we should always be thankful for what we have in life, even though we have been dealt this which can be real difficult to control and handle as we never know when a flare up is going to occur, there is always someone worse off out there xxxx


yeah too true love to you diddle x


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