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Goodnite All xx

No sleep last night, so watched some tv this morning then collected my shopping of my neighbour, then packed away the shopping i had delivered, was gonna chill out but was so cold decided to do some paper stripping in the hall.

I think had gone past the point of no sleep and just wanted to get something done.

But my neighbour came in today and made me go hers and relax as she said I needed to relax with a drink for a change and i feel much better but now i am back home i think she is right i overdone things i am starting to ache like crazy

so got a feeling this wekend i wont be doing much. Of course my glass of brandy helped relax me so i think hopefully after Titanic (yes i know - but i felt in the mood for it) i may get a couple hours sleep if i am lucky.

So just wanted to say, Goodnite all, pray you all get some sleep. xx

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Sounds like you have been busy Kialaya so hope you get a decent nights sleep. I was going to get an early night tonight but now I have signed on here it becomes addictive!!. xx


Hope you enjoyed Titanic. I missed the first episode so am not bothering with it cos we know the spoiler already...

I know we don't all want to sit on our backsides all day but the key to our condition is "pacing". we pay for everything we do. hope you find your pace and feel good from having done a few tasks. mine were looking after next door's 10 yr old and also cataloguing a living room full of books!


lol goodnight and hope you enjoyed the film and the brandy did the job love to you diddle x


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