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well i am now going to love and leave all my fibro friends as i am afraid i have got a hot date with my bath !!!!!(that had you all going didnt it ?) lol well he is sitting there full to the brim with hot steamy water and loads of lovely perfumed bubbles so i am off to enjoy it , i hope you all ahve a warm and cosy evening and i hope that tommotrrow i can come on here and tell you i got up at a normal time lol love to you all Diddle x

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Lol Diddle, you get worse, but keep it going you always make us smile! :) xx


I hope your not two timing us diddle!!!!!!! lol. xxxx


Hi Diddle, and there was me thinking you had a hot date with that postman you were winking at recently!!. Strange how you think of your bath as a he tho lol.

Hoping you have a better nite tonite and get up at a more reasonable time tomorrow. Nite nite, Angela xx


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