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Bless i know we all think we have the best parents ever but i am sorry i really do think i actually have every tuessday teatime my mum calls me and asks what ineed and ever wednesday morning my shopping is delivered to me via mum and dad how lovely is that ?

but thats not all they dont let me pay for it !!!! and that is so sweet of them it really is they are so so good to me , as you know they have just decorated all my house and put some new furnishings in it and carpets all through ! and they put my car in the garage as the head gasket was going and pad for all that and taxed it jan for a year and insured feb for a year and they are m o t ing it next month !!!!!!

so how cani ever pay them back ? i cant and they dont want me too also they paid my rent that was 300 in arrears due to the council and housing benefit cock up over last few weeks they had all my new info but messed it up and that left me in debt that worried the life out of me but dad came round last week called my housing association and paid it up to date in full bless

it is so nice to have that amount of support and help BUT what about the people who have nt got that cushion to fall back on? what happens to them in the system? it is a worry to think that people out there have absolutely no one to fall back on .

well i hope all is well with everyone we have escaped the snow but have got wind and rain although that is now stoppinfg and drying up love to you all diddle x

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oh god love them, wish my parents were supportive unless I go there Id never see them


You really do have an amazing family and it is quite obvious how much you appreciate all the help you get.

Gentle hugs xx


Hi yes i do my sister is the samre she often pops here with a cooked chicken from asda or botttles of juice ( her husband works for britvic) and she has a beauty room in a hair salon and she does my nails for me /gives me facials/massages and pedicures if i would let her 1 and she waxes and tints my eyebrows too so i am very lucky indeed i just wish i could give something back but they all say i do ? just by being me and that i have done lots for them all in the past so there you go they say what goes around comes around so must be tru love to you all diddle x


What a lovely story, good luck to you having such a good family. I know mine would also do the same for me but unfortunately I have lost my parents some time ago and its times like this you really need them.

I don't do too badly though cos I have a good extended family and some absolutely fabulous friends so a lot to be thankful for.xx


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