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good couple of days

last fw days havent been to bad pain i can cope with although lack of sleep and fatigue is getting worse.

on a good not lost another 1 1/4 lb this week going slowly but its going the right way\!!

today im freezing more than i was yesterday so 15 layers to go to work to keep me warm for a few hours and leg pain has come back.

also must be coming up to menopause as blleding inbetween periods and have belly pain looking forward to the hot flushes only so i can stay warm!!!!!

hope you all have a good day x

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congrats on weight loss. I think it is definately colder today my feet and hands like ice, prob wont complain later when i walk about my legs feeling like they are burning lol.

I had a good night sleep but being up so early i am now starting to feel the fatigue hitting me bad so may have to go rest.Losing energy and got busy afternoon with appts.

Poor you about the bleeding, check it out its only the menopause though.

hope your day gets better. xx


well done tyou on your weight loss that is really brilliant and you have put the work in to get that off so well done you you will look great for the summer snd feel so much better love to you diddle x


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