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YAY!!!!!!! i slept good!

Good Morning all!!

Quick update. Think combination meds taken at night finally working. Took 1 prozac, 1 25mg amitryptilline and 1 tramadol 50mg and apart from 1 short toilet trip but went straight back to sleep ..i slept for 5 and half hours straight.

Woke at 6.30 to do packed lunch for son (only to now be told his boss said no work as weather prevented deliveries), he paid rent this week, i sorted sky out this now so although back pain bad and very stiff everywhere else feeling so much better. Will take me a while to get showered and dressed but least not woke up stressed and no bad dreams.

I hope you all got some sleep, sorry to hear you didnt again diddle, hugs for you!!

Lets hope a good day for us all eh? Im not banking on it but trying to be positive at least.

gentle hugs for all. x

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Well lucky you lol only joking i am so pleased that your meds seemed to have kicked in and lovely to hear you so positive i hope things get better and better for you . you enjoy your day thats really great news thing like that give me a alift so that not a bad thing is it love diddle x


Morning kia,

Thats great news hun, I am so pleased for you. :)

Hope you day is better too.

hugs, kel xxx


yay !!!! :-D so glad you got some sleep ,makes such a difference dosnt it

hugs :) xxxx


Thank you all. This is the first time in years i have had a good sleep. Yes i am so sore again (prob cold weather) and just realised my counselling appt at the time i usually have an hour nap. So will try not to overdo things as the pain is gettting bad in my back and had to cancel last appt cos i couldnt walk due to back. I need to see her, she understands my condition so want to discuss if i can use her aas a ref for any future form filling. Have also wrote to doc asking for application to see my medical records as she does not ever seem to write anything down i say, so if benefits get a report from her i dont think they are getting all i go through. Fingers crossed.

So pain aside not feeling so tired at mo is a big bonus for me. I know i will be shattered afteer walk to counsellor and back.

Hope you all get a restful day xx


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