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I'm off!

I know this site works for so many people and it did for me. for a while! i have appreciated your honesty and candidness, your joys and sadnesses, your funny anecdotes...I've connected in so many ways but alas i have come to rely on it. i've just spent 4 days away in spain with a group of friends who did not wrap me in cotton wool ar ask me how i was like being given a new lease of life! the aches, pains, fibro fog, stiffness, migraines etc. were all ther but i was living!

I will miss diddles posts and i feel i know her little dog very well...we've had a lot of little chats but it's time for me to go!

I wish YOU ALL well and hope that in time we find some some relief to this terrible hand we've been dealt.

You are all such special people and the way some of you cope leaves me with my mouth wide open and chin sitting somewhere down on my chest!

take care and the softest , gentlest hugsto you all xxx

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We are all different, what might work for one, does not for another, People take different things from the site, the beauty is you can log on as often or as little as you like. Its personal choice, and I support anyones personal choice. You know whats best for you. Wishing you all the best

Lou x


I am so sorry that you will not be coming back on here but that is your choice to make i have had some lovely chats with you and will miss you alot, i am glad you have found comfort and a new lese of life and jus because you are going now it doesnt mean its goodbye forever you can come back when you like you dont have to clock in or out or answer to smyone

you take very good care of yourself and you know where we all are if you want or need us in the future with love to you and a special thankyou too love Diddle x and Rusty my lil doggy xxxxxx p.s you will be greatly missed xxx


good luck, Bumble.


good luck hun xx


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