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thank you everyone who replyed to my question on how to get rid of my headache.

i have been to the docters and i was informed the virus i had last week has left me with a sinus infection and has upset my fibro unfortunatly i was trying to get back to work and i have been signed off for two weeks

god knows what i will do with myself.

thanks again.

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Really glad you went and got it seen to Dobby. Sinus infections are awful aren't they.

What WILL you do for two weeks then? lol :)



I bet you are glad that you went to the Dr's as sinus infection is nasty I feel for you, well if I were you just enjoy the time of and let your body recuperate and all being well your fibro will calm down a bit for you.

Take care Hugs Ruby xx


glad you went to se Gp best place if not sure love to you diddle x


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