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I have just been diagnosed with an under active thyroid gland. The Doc says that this can make the symtoms of fibro a lot worse which is probably why i have been so bad over the last few months. I started medication a few weeks ago and have started to feel better already. Maybe it is all in my head but my muscles are deffo not as sore. Anybody else found this out

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my underactive thyroid was diagnosed 10 yrs ago, Fibro 2 but my suspicions they both happened around the same time I certainly felt tons better once my thyroxine kicked in, and if you forget them for a few days you sure know about it!!

hope the meds work quickly for you, take care x


my friebnd got under active she not got fibro but as soon as meds got right dosage they took few attempts she was sooo much better so good luck love to you diddle xx hopefully dose right for you 1st toime it does happen that way lluvck of the draw xx


Hi hun,

I got diagnosed with underactive thyroid before fibro.

I never felt better with meds and doctors wouldnt listen to me and years later i have allsorts of problems. One of which is vitamin d, mine is very low as i think they havent checked for it, so have you had a vitamin d test done, like lynn said.

There is a thyroid forum on here if you wanted to ask questions on there, but they talk real technical like blood levels etc, i was confused so i dont go on now.

It doesnt take much to confuse me though lol.

I do hope you thyroid meds make you feel better hun.

take care, kel xxx


I have been taking vit D and calcium tabs for a few months now and the last test showed that my levels are ok i also take Magnasium tabs which is supposed to help.


Like a lot of people I was diagnosed under active thyroid before fibro. I find if my TCH levels are doolally so is my health... research I have done seems to point in the direction that both conditions can co-exist and cause similar problems.

I'm pretty well up on the terminology of thyroid problems, so if I can help anyone let me know xxx



Oops should have put TSH levels.... fingers typed in the wrong direction!!!!!


No your not imagining it at all, you start to feel better straight from the outset as I did. I ached in every single joint of my body also suffered with tingling in my fingers and legs at night. Its very important to have regular blood tests to get the dose right at first but if you have a good GP you will be OK. If you ever feel yourself going down again get back to your GP. Don,t forget to take your tablets they are for life I,am afraid but its better than feeling achy and lethargic. I lost 1 stone without even trying when I started on Levothyroxin got my waist back again too which was great.


I have an under activity thyroid as well. Maybe we should all list our illnesses and see how many match.


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