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I went to my sisters house party and stayed for hour and a half managed a glass of .......... wait for it lemonade !!! i was on the hard stuff and i di have a piece of quiche thought i had better eat a bit of savory after all the sweet i had yesterday lol

Anyway i had a nice mingle with people and my youngest daughter came with me but she stayed all night ! in fact she hasslept there as she not home and her car not here so thatsok

anyway just to let you know i did manaage to make myself look half presentable lol in fact 2 men ther thought i was 27 (and no theywere nt drunk , but they both had quite strong prescription glasses) oh well it was nice while it lasted considering i will be 47 sept !!!! love to you all Diddle x

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MOrning diddle,

Glad you had a good night. :)

take care, kel xxxx


hi yeah was only there hour and half but had good old chat with people angd glass of leomonade or and a bit of quiche may have found its way into my tummy !!! love to you diddle x


bless glad u had fun hun. 27 wow bet that gave, u a boost. have a gd day lou x


yeah gave me boost alright did not need drink after that was on a real high considering my daughter was next to me at 19and my eldest is 25 lol love diddle x


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