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Hope you are all enjoying the good weather,after spending a nice day in the garden yesterday, missed this glorious sunshine as spent most of the day in bed unable to do anything, this is how it goes, poem will arrive for those that commented on my blog --just need the energy and concentration to to it, hope you all have a good day tomorrow, keep positive if you can and take each day at a time.

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Hello hun,I have spent the last 3 days in bed as my back is so bad at the moment.And I have steps to get up to the garden which I can`t manage.

What`s making me cross is this is the only time I can sit outside for a while without getting blisters.When we get to june and july I have to cover up just to put the washing out.

Please send poem when you feel up to it I love poetry.Hope you feel better soon.This fibro is the very devil isn`t it.

Thinking of you Butterfly xxxxx


hi hope that you manage to get out in the garden for lomger today love to you diddle x


Wish I could sit out in it I love the heat but it doesn't like me and I suffer from hyperhydrosis so not great for me!! Hope you enjoy the sunshine and look forward to reading that poem.

Take care Hugs Ruby xx


I must admit at the moment im off work as Ive just started on pregabalin i started 2 weeks ago, but im in a lot of pain with my back, sat in the sun yesterday hopin it would make me feel better, supposed to be good for u! but all i got was a rash! lol... so ive been attacking the housework slowly today, having lots of pitstops in between polishing and hoovering and washing... gone are the days when could get all the jobs done and then relax in the afternoon!

Im sick of being sick n tired! how many times have we all said that! enjoy the sunshine while we can girls :) x


loveing the warm weather but heres a good one for everyone I was diagnosed with RA 7 years ago then last year doc said I didn't have it but I had fibro instead now a diffrant doc is saying he thinks I got RA what would you preffer Fibro or RA


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