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Letter to Normies

You may already know this one, but I haven't seen it so far, and I love it. IF this link works you can read the letter to Normies

and here's a link to another piece of inspiration, 'Counting Spoons'

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thanks for those links nice one love to you diddle x


I have written a poem but I just handwrote it, and can't find it for the life of me!!! If I find it I'll post it.


HEY, I found it and OMG I was obviously in some deep dark miserable place when I wrote it!!! I've written unfinished at the end of it, so I could probably have turned it into a saga at the time!!! :-) Hope you like it but don't let it upset you.


It's like a living death it seems, this curse that's stricken me

It's worse than heart disease or strokes, for this curse no-one can see.

'Oh you look well' my friends all say, I simply smile and walk away

And marvel that I look OK, but live in pain most every day.

This illness cannot kill you, it won't deform your joints,

It just prevents you having fun, you'll have tender pressure points.

You won't have any energy, you'll feel depressed and cry,

You'll be racked with pain from head to toe, and may wish you could die.

No-one will understand it, they'll say it's 'all in your head'

Yet they don't see me writhing in pain when they're tucked up in their bed.

For when the world's tucked up in bed, fast asleep and dreaming,

We fibromites will pace the floor, full of pain and screaming.

Screaming from frustration, from depression and from pain,

Yet all we're really asking for is to have a life again.

I used to have a life you know, I used to sing and dance

I'd love to have that back again if only I had the chance.

But though my head says, 'Right let's go' my body will not follow,

And so again today I sit and feel so sad and hollow.

And when I'm asked, 'So, how are you?' I have to bite my tongue

They really wouldn't want to know, they're busy having fun.


thats really great :) how clever you are ,


Wow this is awesome and so well written thank you for it it really says it all you really are Goodienuff!! Brilliant.

Hugs Ruby xx


i havnt seen either they were really great thank you xxx


Thank you for the links and a great poem xx


I loved that,its really good,well done.x


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