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Ok so why did i bother going to bed at all last night i apparently fell asleep for an hour solid on the sofa whilst supposed to be wathing telly with my partner , bless he knows i dont sleep so let me , he said i was out for count for an hour at least, so why when i woke up and got upstairs was i writhing about all night trying to get comfy and my eyes to shut???? only to finally pad down stairs at 4.30 am!!!!!! oh well got to see my sister today at her beauty salon for a bit and pick up my car, my dad tookit yesterday to rub out all the rust spots and fill and spray them so that was kind of him, I am supposed to go down to the council office today as well and sort out my housing benefit but dont know if i got the strength to do it , i am wound up before i set foot in there so maybe wait til tues and do that , Well it is now getting light so will put lead on my little doggy he is peeping at me with 1 eye so think its ok to pop him to top of the road now, thats if i can get my body going lol hope you all have a lovely day and the sun shines for you all love diddle x

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bless ya yeah a sledgehammer not the thing really lol hope you have good day at work , see there is me moaning away and you managing to get to work what does that say about me lol you are so good you really are an inspiration love to you diddle x


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