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Yoga boosts Stress-busting hormones and reduces pain!!

Thought I would share as I have just found this.


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hi i wish it did for me i used to do yoga all the time 2/3 times a day sometimes i was addicted but since i had damaged my lower back and got fibro i cant do it at all i did try a few weeks ago but it was a def no no for me its a shame as i loved it but there you go, BUT thats just me some people may be able to do it and get alot from it i hopet they do its alovely thing to do . love to you diddle x


Thanks Rach, A very interesting read. I have always wondered about Yoga,(i am not in the best physical shape (but i am sure they have beginners classes) I am looking for something that i can do to help the pain and help with relaxation. This is something to look into. Thank You Lou x


Restorative yoga is perfect for sufferers of fibro. It's gentle and focuses on calming the mind, relaxing the body and improving pain. Normal yoga like hot yoga can be top stretchy for people with sore muscles so restorative or hatha which focus on the breath and relaxation are perfect for fibro. I could not live without this type of yoga. It will help you no end with controlling the pain and making you feel more in control.


hi lou c i hope that you manage to do yoga there are some great dvd out there i used to do mine at home as i am not one for classes but there are beginners classes so you give it a go i am sure if you manage to do it you will love it as much as i used to i really envy you perhaps one day i can get backinto it good luck youwill tying yourself in knots in no time lol love diddle x


Lou, there are beginners classes, but you have to make sure that you get a teacher who understands FM. I have found that local councils gyms have awful teachers, however that is a sweeping statement and is probably not the case all over the country.

Look up Yoga Room and then try putting your town or county into Google...you may have a yoga centre near to you.

Depending on how mobile you are, there is always chair yoga.....there are trained teachers out there. I am planning on one day becoming one to help people like us out.

Good luck and so sorry to hear Diddle that you can't do it anymore. Are you able to do simple moves at all, obviously not back bends or even forward bends if you have hurt your lower back xx


Fantastic news!!! I would do the classes if you are not too tired and then I bet you will sleep better as you will be more relaxed!! A little suggestion.....find out the teachers names and research them on the net. Some are more experienced than others. You also need to do Hatha Yoga....don;t go for an Ashtanga class as they are the hardest!!

Do you have a pain management clinic near to you? My clinic has a Tai Chi teacher come and teach aswell as Qigong!!!

Good luck hun xxx


Oh what a bummer.....have you asked if he is planning any other classes that you can attend?? He may be able to recommend someone elses classes that you could make.

I wish you luck ...let us know how you get on.

Hope you have had a good night,,,bedtime soon!!! xx


Oh and I was going to say accupuncture is fab isn't it!!! Does she/he do cupping too...that is great!! xx


Jules, I honestly believe that if you found the correct teacher you would be able to do it!!! I have an awful neck and lower back but only do the things I can do. Just be careful on forward and back bends.....oh and shoulder and head standsxx


Hi you are sooo lucky to be able to do yoga i do envy you as i said higher up i loved it was addicted to it but cant do it any more but i agree if you can manage to do it go for it its a lovely gentle thing to do i am sooo jealous of you all love diddle x


Sorry Diddle, I didn't mean to make you feel jealous. Is there anything you can do exercise wise? xx


Try restorative or hatha yoga xx


They reckon that Yoga is really good for Fybro..when I asked my doc if it was okay to try it out..he said..but don't over do it. yeah, right!!

I was a dancer and also I'm hypermobile.(double jointed) I found getting into the poses very easy...I LOVED it. I'm a very spiritual person..so this was right up my street. I felt alive! ( btw, I was in flare-down and feeling good when I went).....well, sad to say..I really did over do it ( don't we all, when we're feeling..okay?)..I spent the next 6 weeks in bed unable to move or walk! I've never tried it since..but when this flare-up ( and it's an horrendous one - worst in years)..I'm gonna give it a go again...but maybe I'll leave after the first 10 minutes and build up to it...so yeah....I'd recommend it....centres the soul/spirit and allows one to 'let go'.

Gentle hugs all round..



Hi Ocean, So so sorry to hear that it caused you a massive flare up. I can now see that it is off putting to try it again!! Do you think you over did it in the class???!!!

I too am hypermobile especially in my elbows.....I was in Warrior 2 the other day and the teacher tried to twist my arms.....don't think she realised I was double jointed and that I couldn't do anything about the way the were!!!! I didn't acttually like her so won't be going back to her class!!!!!.............she even told me off for drinking water!!!!!

I totally agree it does centre your soul and spirit. It makes you feel so calm and relaxed and also more positive and stronger in life!! xxx


Oh that's a shame...I dunno, these people who are supposed to be of a spiritual nature and then they go, telling you off..for wanting a drink..*sheesh!..Maybe you should try another group? At the mo..I'm awaiting confirmation for aqua fit ....via the doctor...that way, I get a gentle work out and they make sure I don't over do it..they even have a palates group for referred patients..gonna give that ago too. What I'd really, really, really like to do is a Zumba class ( being an xe-dancer and all - but know that it'll kill me!! LOL ) They also do Zumba in water now..now that sounds like a plan..if only I can get back on an even track...which is not very often...have to go with my sleep cycles....coz I spend months not being able to sleep...then it'll flip over and I'll sleep well and be able to lead a pretty normal life..as long as I don't over do things..which is like asking a nun not to pray..LOL.....I've learnt to live with my fybro for over 15 years...we're not what I'd call 'friends'..but we have learnt to co-exsist together...sometimes I win the battle..but mainly ( like now) I don't...I just try not to give up!

Anyway, I'ev been awake since 7pm last night..and now, instead of going to bed..I'm gonna take my aching body out..because I need some food and to pay bills...My thinking is, if I go out now...as much as it's gonna hurt..the reward will be to come home and then relax..and maybe have an early night and wake-up at a proper time tomorrow. This, tbw, is all I ever do..I try everything to make my sleep patterns flip round...oh well..here's goes.! *sigh*

*gentle hugs all round, everyone*


Oh bless, you must feel awful not having slept. I hope your plan works. Can your dr prescribe you anything for sleep? Sleep deprivation is enough to cause anyone pain hun. Feel for you.

That sounds good about the aqua fir, atleast you won't have any pressure on your muscles/joints, just pace yourself and hope it will wear you out so you can sleep!!! Great re pilates too.

I think by accepting your illness and liking it to a friend/acquaintance and trying not to battle against it, but work with it, it is more managable. Hey don't give up hun, however I know how you feel !!

catch you later as I best get off this laptop!!! xx


Hatha and Restorative Yoga which focus on the breath and relaxation are the perfect Yoga classes for people suffering with Fibro. The classes are not too physical but more meditative and will help you control the pain. This type of execise once a week which help you relax, have clearer calmer thinking and less pain is essential in managing fibromyalgia. Avoid hot yoga or any classes which require too much stretch which fibro muscles hate. Good luck and enjoy. Restorative Yoga is a great pain reliever xxx


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