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Well my hall/stairs /downstairs toilet and landing look lovely carpet been laidtook them 3 hours to dom it but made lovely job

. had my nails done a nice french polish. eldest daughter came popped in town for half hour with her then youngest got home from work and wanted me to have awalk with her and the doggy

so felt bad and went but i dont know how i was putting one foot in front oft the other only out for 20 mins felt like hours

, i can just about manage to type this i am nodding off as i am typing and my whole body feels like it is seizing up and pain all over so now going to slide into a nice hot bath , bliss,

my hair needs washing but i cant do it not tonight i really cant its jus too much

, i hope you all had good day i sorry i havent replied on any blogs i am so tired but hope freezer gets fixed and hope julie feels better and love to all others

i have read all the blogs jus not got energy now running on empty so goodnight to you all love and soft hugs DIDDLE XXXX

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Sorry i missed blogs last night...couldn't be bothered to switch on computer! Hope you had a good night and that there was a big smile on your face when you saw all the lovely work your family have done.

The sun is comingout and its going to be a lovely day...hope you get a chance to flash your pretty nails at someone....gentle hugs for you and a pat on the head for your pooch..xx


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