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Good morning to you all and i hope that you all had a restful night and are feeling not too bad today, well i had an awful night (thoght i would go out like a light) after the stress of yesterday and no sleep night before but not to be !!!!

i am having my Mum and Dad round today Dad is going to do some maintenance on my house alarm box and cctv cameras out back of house ( he done front 2 weeks ago) then he is going topull up my hall stair/landing toilet carpet and new one being layed at 2pm so woo woo to that and then i am having a french polish on my nails at 5 pm with my sister so hopefully a nice day for diddle today as for the pain all over well we just have to get on with that dont we?

The sun is starting to peep through and i think i can see a chink of blue peeping through the mist so that makes me smile and when i took my doggy up the road for 5 mins at 5.30 am i could see all the daffodils and the blossom on the tree and it looked really lovely.

Happy days to you all love Diddle x

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The sun makes all the difference!

Sorry to hear you had a bad night ....we kind of expect them don't we!

let mum and dad pamper you and enjoy the manicure. xx


yes it does i will let them look after me even though i am 46 i thought io would start looking after them more but thats hoew it goes cant change it, enjoy your day and keep away from the chilli today and watch where you are putting your fingers too love diddle x


I feel much better now that Spring is here as well, have a good day,enjoy the pampering and lucky girl having such a helpful dad, x


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