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Does any of the ladies out there think that there might be a link between Fybro and Hormone levels? I'm 48 and while I've been in my peri-menopause for 3 years now ( yeah, early eh?) I've noticed that..for instance, last month my hot flushes eased off for about 2 weeks and during those couple of weeks, I was sleeping right through the night. ( I have terrible, terrible insomnia..and can go upto 3 day's on as little as 4 hours sleep) my aches and pains died down and I felf almost like my old self...well not quite, as I've had fybro for 15 years..but better then I'f felt in...oh, I can't remember when! lol. I had a completely new outlook. Went to search out an aqua fit program....was up every day at 7am....out every day..happy, smily and cleaned my entire house right through. ( although I was in some pain for a few day's after..mainly due to a broken neck)...then I had a really horrific period...almost 6 day's none-stop. After that.....the hot flushes came back with a vengeance...and sad to say..I've now been bed bound for almost 2 weeks. Unable to move..or even place my feet on the ground. I have always noticed...(way before the menopause kicked in) that my fybro ebbed and flowed ( increased and decreased) with my cycles? Has anyone else noticed this? My hubby is begging me to go on HRT. But, sadly there is a history of breast cancer in the family ( not immediate family)..My Aunt, mother-in-law and aunt-in-law are both getting over breast cancer..and ALL were told that it was due to almost 90% that they were on HRT for years..and research is showing more and more..that HRT leads to B/cancer. ( messing with nature is proving to be a bad thing)..Thing is...I'd give have some kind of normality back in my life..and that of my darling hubs. But I'd be so afraid that even if I went on HRT for a couple of years..I'd only be delaying the re-start of my m/pause and I'd also never want to come off it..knowing that the fybro would more then likely return..or flare right back up.

BTW, I was told that it was not advised to have children because of the Fybro. They say that during pregnancy Fybro can almost completely heal ( again pointing to hormones) Yet the actual 'giving birth' was such a trauma ( even a C-section) that the flare-up would render me incapable of looking after my child.. I can only I had to have an op some years back and it put in bed for almost a year! what do you girls think? Are Hormones a major factor in Fybro?

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OOPS! Sorry for the typo's - hands hurt like hell now.... *sigh*


Hey ladies, i read this with interest. Sorry your having a rough time. Was just about to post a question about periods. Just checking if anyone had previously and came across this. I think hormones must be connected too.

i am 32, only ever had one pregnancy, 12 yrs ago, which resulted in a miscarriage. (before i was dx with fibro) cause not know.

But i have the most horrid periods and they are getting worse. Having my first major flare at moment and started my period today. (Also thinking back always having a rough time around the time my period due.)

Can hardly move pain is so intense along with other pains. If i stand, feels like i going to pass out. Would be very interested in the link with fibro and hormones, if anyone comes across any reasearch.

Pleas excuse my spelling lol



er think i am going to have a little sleep, can not even spell please. what am i like. x

Reply need to apologise, I couldn't even hold a conversation..because my brain fog kept making me forget what I was saying. *hugs*


Oh and I was at the pain clinic today and my doc really does think that this flare-up ( my worst in 3 years) has a lot to play with regarding both Hormones and atmospheric pressure! ( yet another bag full of new meds to try!) *sigh*


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