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Sunshine makes me smile :o)

Mondays are always a very bad day for me but today I find I don't feel to bad. :o)

I love this time of year when the weather starts to warm up but it's still not too hot and although I'm stuck in my bedroom all day I can at last have the windows open again and smell the fresh air and hear the bird song. (I have loads of feaders outside my window)

It's uplifting to know that spring is hear and every where will soon be green again. So here's hopping that the sunshine will brighten everyone day!!

Lots of sunny hugs to you all xxxx

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Couldn't agree more Jessy. I'm a childminder and it means the kids can play out in the garden and not have raincoats and hats on.

It does cheer me up when it's sunny and the birds are back singing........

Hugs Sue xxx


Hi Jessy,

I am like you too, i love spring but hate summer. This is usually the best time for me. :)

kel xxx


Yep me too spring and Autumn just to see the sun makes me feel better I don't like it when it get's too hot the heat is as bad for me as the cold sounds silly really went to Turkey last year was poorly for quite a few days but thank goodness for air con!! saying that wouldn't go if they didn't have it. Think the travelling kncoked my for six first 2 days was in bed then halfway through was in bed again so annoying.

You just enjoy those birds singing to you, tell you what though better than what we have to put up with across the road they have turkeys and right noisy so and so;s putting it mildly!!! Ruby xx


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