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hey again all.

I was just chatting to my husband about his going back to work when Grace starts school and he said he was worried about leaving me again after my fall last week which resulted in my being taken to hospital with a suspected broken hip. I understand his concerns and I have quite a few of my own that I need to deal with, anxiety of something happening if I am on my own, memory problems, not being able to do certain things. I also may be losing my driving license soon so I won't be able to go for a walk round if I am feeling OK.

so I made a choice today to make the first step towards his being able to have more freedom. I am having Homeline installed. I don't know if any of you have it where you live but it is brilliant. I will have 2 pullcords and a pendant so if I have a fall and I am on my own all I have to do is press it and they will come and help me up, or call an ambulance if needed.

I've been told by my mum to get it for years but I didn't feel ready, but I think I have to do this now. Jake can't stay in all the time incase something happens to me. I wouldn't want that for him.

It might be worth looking into it, to see if you have it in your area just for that extra piece if mind.

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Good for you yes I believe we have a service like that too was offered it but don't feel ready yet!! although as quite rural here not saying never. But it will certainly be peace of mind for everybody and sounds like you should have had this in place before young lady lol well done on making a firm and sensible choice. Hugs Ruby xx


Funnily enough I was about to suggest this! Great news! It also means your daughter can relax too. It is surprising what they pick up, including family worries and I know of many children who worry themselves sick whilst still at school [don't panic, the ones I know are in secondary school and their tutors know about it and try to help too]. I didn't mean to worry you on that score, only to make sure you are aware.

The other thing I was going to ask you is do you have DLA? [Disability Living Allowance] because I do and have a mobility scooter to get around on. Might be an idea when you stop driving as you won't want to give up all of your independance. Mine costs £25 a week, which would sound a lot if I was paying it myself and that was all it pays for but it isn't. The Mobility Scheme allows you to pay weekly for a vehicle much more expensive that you would often be able to pay for [sorry you may have your car on this and only just thought], anyway just in case you don't, it pays for road tax [mine does up to 8 miles an hour on road] insurance for you and the scooter which includes repairs and collection/delivery home! The RAC are part of it and they will bring you home. Or you could get one that folds up and goes in the car so you could go for walks with your family.

Wishing you all the best

Soft hugs


Thats great that your having it put in, my Doc's ect.. want me to have it installed but I've been a bit reluctant and still not sure. Let me know how you get on, it'd be good to hear your experience with it.

Thanks and hugs xxx


Sarah-Jane. I am on Higher Rate Mobility and middle rate care. We use the money for the car as it is handy, but I do have an electric wheelchair.

it might not be too bad as my mum is taking over a building round the corner. She is a Sheltered Housing Officer in a sheltered housing scheme for the elderly with our local council, and my best mate does the same job about 5 mins away so I will still be able to see people.


Good for you its not nice accepting that we need help and especially when we are quite young and have to start having things that we feel older people should have ( not wanting to offend anyone with that comment in any way ) but it is hard but then again if it helps well thats all good and if it gives you freedom that has got to be good and if your family can relax into the bargain i sounds all very goosd to me it is jus accepting it in your own mind and sounds like you have so that is lovely i think you will feel so much happier when it is all sorted out and prob wish you had done it earlier love to you diddle x


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