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gp's is yours terrible?

i have fibromyalgia like allot of you out there, For last 6 weeks of so I have had my medication massivly increased due to the amount of pain I have everywhere.

My dr basically make me feel that it is hopeless, nothing can be done except more medication, which does not seem to help ever...or ease the pain even though I could rattle im sure.

I visited a dr this week, not my normal dr, as he was on hol. This dr spoke so patronising to me and spoke as if I was some sort of scum bag.

In the end I asked who does he think he is talking to.

All I asked is: Is: I have been informed that if I ring social services they will fit me some bracets in bathroom to help me out of bath, My husbands in army and being deployed at end of year for another trip to Afghanistan, So he would normally help me do daft things like help me out of bath, sitting up in bed, getting up out of chair when legs are in so much pain. Id shower, but it hurt my skin so need a bath. I worry how I will manage this when he is not here with daft things in house. Changing a bed for example, I feel like Iv ran a marathon.

I work allot as a catering manager, but when I get home I am exhausted, and need to rest. I can only work though, as its more officework, sat down more than physical energy...but causes allot of stress so catch 22 really as the stress makes me so tired...

This dr made me feel so bad that I was quite upset. Its shocking how little a knowledge they have considering how common it is meant to be now, but once they have a label for you then everything is oh its your fibro thats all......shocking!

I have read up on it myself and im one of the lucky ones lol, I have "all" the syptoms not just 1 or 2, Also Thyroid underactive massivly, arthritus and loads of other stuff which confused the dr for a symptoms same as other stuff I have.

Doing just simple things you take for granted is an issue with this.......

Id love to know if others feel the same. Do you always feel in pain or just now and then? as mine apears to be all the time. Id love to have a few people to talk to about this and if any of you good people out there have a medication that works as mine does not seem to.?

thats enuf moaning.....ta for reading.xxxx

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Hi well i can tell you i am o many tablets but i am never without any pain i have always got a pain somewhere so you are not alone there, i am medication for pain/sleeping/relaxants etc but it tyakes the edge off but never fully goes , your GP should not talk to you how he did and make you feel like that as that does not help your condition, do you know a few years ago i used to really paniky when i was going to see the doctor and i would get all worked up as if they were something really special and superior to me but do you know what i dont any more i think to myself they are no better than me they are the same as me it is jus they chose to go to medical school that does NOT make them better than i am so now i talk to Doctors normally and i find i get a better response i wont put them on a pedastal as there is prob something you do that they could never do and again that does not make you better than them , any way i would be tempted to change your GP or go see them again and tell them exactly what your probblems are and if they still treat you badly you should report them to the surgery, now off to have a bath i am killing here all my body is racked with pain and am stiffening up lol poor old girl and i only 46 you take care and love to you Diddle x


cheers for that diddle,

I had just read your blog on your blue badge, which was one of the things the dr flipped his lid on, now I will apply for it....u have pushed me forward. thanks.

I never treat anyone on a pedastal though as I treat everyone how id like to be treated, will i did untill he started, lol, but i didnt stay quiet at the end I can promise you...but it should not be that way. I did say to him i will report his manner to board of medical practice.....

I just will see my dr from now on.

Enjoy your bath, nice talking to you....

take care caz.x


I really sympathise with you over the lack of support from your doctor. I am lucky in that mine does not patronise or ever make me feel that I shouldn't have gone to see him or that FM is trivial etc. Admittedly I haven't seen anyone else at a hospital etc for the past 5 years but there really doesn't seem any solution to the problem, just treating the symptoms.

I have had my bathroom altered so that I now have a wet room but still have grab rails all over the place...and my sons have to help me with washing my hair as I can't use my arms above my head etc,

I too feel as stiff as a board and so very very tired both mentally and physically. Each task in the home is such an effort. I haven't been able to wear socks/stockings or cut my toe nails for the past 8 years! I too am 46 and have to get my mum to do my feet and just have cold feet in the winter!

I have the delights of a DLA medical this week so that they can see whether I'm making it all up but they can't see my pain!! I haven't been able to work for the past two years but am studying at university to try and train for a job I can with FM.

I wish you luck and love and hope your normal GP is back soon! Marion932


Hi Carollynn, I too am in pain all of the time, I could also rattle with the amount of pills I am on. I also wear a pain patch. Like diddle says all these medications only take the edge off, never take the pain away. Some days are more manageable than others obviously depending on what you have done.

I have a blue badge, which I find I could not manage without (even though I do get some awful stares - I'm only 37 and look normal obviously) although most days I feel 97!

I have also just been diagnosed with depression, which apparently has aggravated my symptoms.

As for grab handles etc for bathrooms, you need to phone your local council and ask for a occupational therapy assessment in your home. They will come out and do an assessment for you and go over all the things that you need in your home to help you manage your everyday living. If its just grab rails, they are usually installed within a few weeks.

Hope this helps

Gentle hugs xx


Hi Carollyn I think all has been said and some sound advice, I too am in pain all the time different places here and there to all over, a daily battle for sure I am waiting for Occupational health to come out as guy came out and no way can my bathroom be adapted but I have a utility that could incorprate a shower and a loo woulod make a massive change to my life give me some self respect and independence am having a 10ft grab rail fitted along one wall on the landing and another by the loo for now so a start, good luck and yes you go for that badge sounds like you need it.

Take care Hugs Ruby xx


Hope you are having a better day today. I was also spoken to badly and ended up cowed and unable to speak up but my Occupational Health Nurse who began the session stating she was the senior...Nurse, and asked me what FM was. You know how hard that is to explain, but she cut me short midway through the first sentence and barely let me speak again. I am afraid I have and mother who treated me like that whilst I was growing up so I find it hard to stand up for myself sometimes. Finally she told me I do not have FM and to go back and find out what I do have! Also cut my hours at work or lose my job! I am a teaching assistant which is more mental than physical except I have to move from room to room. She was on my works side and impossible. I think I will ask for one to come to my home to assess what I need too and maybe they will see I am not a liar or sponger - sorry, I am still so angry, and angry for you too.

I meant to ask what meds you are on because we are all on different ones, also you can ask to be sent to Pain Management at your local hospital and physio and hydro therapy too. I am on Lyrica and Amitriptyline.

Soft hugs


I don't believe that anyone should have to put up with what they consider, to be unreasonable behavior from GPs, Nurses or any other practitioner. I can accept that not all medical professionals we encounter must know evrything about every condition, there just wouldn't be enough hours in the day for them. However, if they have been informed that a patient has been dianosed with a condition, then they need to treat that person to the best of thier ability. Should they be out of knowledge & not know how else to procede with treatment, then a good GP will refer the patient on to a specialist, In our case a Rheumatologist,

I am very lucky to be under a very good team of Rheumatologists in my area, but I also live with daily pain, if the pain is giving me a good day then fatigue will show it's face or the 'fibro fog' & lack of concentration. There is always something that will zap my energy. I long for the day when I can wake up in the morning & feel ready for the day ahead, I won't say normal because I have a whole new meaning to 'normal' these days :)

I have been a suffer for many years now & at long last learned not to plan my days anymore. When I feel able to do things I will do them, but I always pace myself.

Chat soon

J x


Hi caz,

Who do doctors think they are, ooooh it makes me so mad. Hope you get sorted with a new one soon hun,

Are you feeling any better?

I am in pain constantly, my main pain at the minute is my legs, they make me cry everynight in bed.

I have learned to pace myself to keep my normal daily pain copeable. I think i have just learned to live most of the pain really though.

I am on something called gabapentin for nerve pain and that has been the most helpful drug for all my burning, stabbing achey pains especially in my arms.

Have you tried this one?

It has put weight on me though which i am not happy about but its better than the pain i was in.

My step mother rang social services and asked to speak to a occupational health person, for me to get help as i was struggling, they put grab rails in my bathroom and a hand rail on the other side of my stairs. I tell you honestly it might be something so small and simple but it helps me so much.

Feel free ti message me if you would like to chat more hun, There is always someone on here and people give some excellent advice.

kel xxx


Social services have provided me with aids all over the house - a half step at the front door, a grab rail to help me climb into the bath, a bathboard so I can sit down when I'm showering and more...I got this just by phoning social services myself, didn't have to go via my GP - I was assessed by an occupational therapist who came up with ideas I wouldn't have even thought of myself. And when things got worse, they provided more stuff. They even suggested that I ask my GP to refer me to a specialist rheumatology occupational therapist, who knows a bit more about fibro. She grumbled at first, but reluctantly agreed. The rheumatology OT has helped me no end, and I didn't even know she existed!

I really hope you can bypass your GP and get what you're entitled to Carollyn.


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