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oh dear will probably spend mothers day in bed :(

well thank you for all the comments from earliers blog :-D

and as you said dont worry ,take it eay ,dont do too much

your friend will understand

and she does she is such a good friend, couldnt do with out her :)

did i take it easy ? ermmm no :(

i had 8 children in the house soooo noooo lol

we decided to take them to the local restaurant that has a childs play area ,

ball pit ect

my eldest looked after the 2 yr old bless her and ran round after him like a blue ***** fly (as my dear mum would say lol :-D )

anyway it was a lovely day out

untill we decide to go and the car dosnt start ,its poring with rain i might add

so i pop the bonnet and fiddle and horah !!! it starts wahey i hear you say :)

so at the speed of light i drive home :-P lol

get into carpark and it dies again .

,atleast we are home thank god

BUT the car is sitting in the middle of carpark cause it died halfway into space

so its a complete danger ,completely in the way ,someone going to hit it ,so me and my daughter have to push ,only about a 2 foot but its a people carrier

a renault espace

so we do it :) all of 2 feet !!!

so as you can imagine ,i feel soooooooooooooo ill right now its unbelievable

so looks like mothers day is layed up on sofa

yrs ago i used to want to spend day on sofa on mothers day

but be carful what you wish for :(

cause now i dont get a choice

anyway it was a lovely day and my glass is all ways half full no matter what

:-D :-P

hope everyone had good day

lots of love and gentle hugs


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That is so very true how manty times have we all said wish i could lay on sofa well its one thing doing it through choice another thing doing it when you got no choice hope today is better for you love diddle x


thank you xxxxx


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