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just thought id tell you a story of this crappy dept. my brother had dla for a number of years having meniers. anyway after 10 years or so he got alot better and got a job he wrote to the dla saying he had started a job but they still paid him so he thought as hed wrote to them with dates etc that he was still entitled to it.

to cut a long story short they got the police involved a year down the line and he was arrested for fraud.

they went to court and he was told he will prob go to jail and hed loose his job even if no jail term.

the court case came nearer when he said to his boss i know i wrote to them to tell them so on the off chance they both looked at his personal file and in there was a letter from the dla saying that they had recvd the letter !!

so after a year of hell that made my mum ill (she eventually died before the court case came up) they had to agree they were in the wrong my brother had started paying back the money before the court case but as it was thrown out he stopped pYING THE MONEY back.. their mistake! but had to wait 3 weeks to finally get the bail order sorted!!

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I am shocked but not surprised. Thank goodness there was a letter to back him up. I am afraid we all have to make sure that every conversation dealing in something important is backed up by a letter, or at least a note of who it was and when. I am currently checking I have everything as it looks like I am going to be in a battle to keep my job and I claim dla, which I will also lose as the debate is over whether I have fm or not! By the way, when I claimed dla I told them I worked and they said it was not linked to income! Now I am a little worried, but as its only been a few months it should be repayable if I don't lose my job!


Do you know what that is such a good story for others to hear and to take heed from i am having same problem with worktaxchildtax credit they are saying i did not inform of information( wont bore you with all details be here all day and take up whole page) but basically it goes back to 2007 !!!! yes 2007 when i had my accident at work was off work got ssp for 6 months and never did go back as damage to my back did noyt allow me . anyway i got similar thing i owe them £3000 as i did not tell them this and that and not only that i have dates/times/names of whom i spoke to and why i called and what their answer was and advice but no there is no record of my call etc i am still in a battle with them todate to prove it was their mistake and in fact the stress of it all was majing me so ill my mum and dad did not realise what was going on i strugged to sort it out myself that they could see how ill it was making me they wrote to wtctc and they now have all the letters etc go to theirs and they are dealing with it i dont know what is going on and the stress has gone, but what i always do even though i did it in this case when it comes to council/housing benefit wtctc.income support or anyother dept likre that i call and put date/time/who i speak to etc and if i send letters i aleways send then 1st class signed for recorded and take a copy of them all so i will let you know the outcome of my case i just want it to be over even though i am not dealing with it its been too long , Glad you had good outcome though take care love to you Diddle x


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