Had full MRI done on spine - Oh goodness when it was finished I was unable to sit up. Nurse offered to help. Said no I can do it. Wishful thinking attempted twice then had to ask for help. Long distance from the exit requested for chair to enable me to be pushed down the long corridors to get out. Now will wait for appt with specialist and get the results as to whether most of the chronic pain is from fibro or as I believe the spine. At least then I will know for sure.

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  • What is it about us Fibros Christine. We sure do make it hard on ourselves trying to be independent

  • hi circuitrunner i have problems with my back to had full mri scan and they found that i have a moderate disc bulge on L 5 S1 and aslo thery found that i have a cronic diltation puj .. hugs :)

  • Maybe we should all be called fibro+ instead - just takes longer for the docs to realise we do have other problems that occur than fibro . lol

  • Out of interest pammy did you have the fibro first or the back problem!

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