for MRI

Saw Neuro last Wednesday said I'm basically healthy but sending me for MRI as I've never had one...checking my vitamin b levels as well. Can't seem to find a treating rhuemy in area..staying natural til schools out for Summer then will try amitryptoline in few weeks. Think I spent two days of spoons yesterday on yard work muscles are screaming today...was feeling pretty good til miss gardening everyday very much..hope to get into some aqua therapy checking prices hearing positive stuff about it.

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  • My hospital physios run aquatherapy sessions in a local pool for small groups.

  • Hi tendertouch

    I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck with your visit for an MRI. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it comes back clear. I want to go to Hydrotherapy but my Physiotherapist said I could not do this because of my COPD.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi looks like ur being looked after and on the right path , I have found with amytriptline I wake up every 2hours but sleep heavy in the morning, also have vivid dreams on it , it's worth a try maybe my body has got used to it. Time for a change , that's all the help my doctor gives me. So I don't know what to ask for . Are you in the UK dear? Gentle Hug

  • If you have fibro have they

    Put you on any antidepressants? Savella lyrics? They really can help

    with pain. I also take pristiq.

    Hope this is helpful. X

  • Yes ,was only diagnosed last aug thanks for that will make a note for my unsympathetic (towards fibro) doctor.x

  • Good luck please let me know how you make out. xxxox

  • Not yet only lorazepam and diazepam to sleep. I do yoga and eat special organic food intolerant diet, which has helped a lot.

  • you need to give amytriptline about 5 weeks to get into you system,once you do they really work, so give it time hopefully it will be worth it mx

  • No, I'm in US, but I so adore how kind everyone here's been extremely helpful.

  • Well good luck! Definately check

    vitamin B. Please let us know

    How you make out. I hope you

    feel better enough for gardening!

    Just don't overdue! X

  • Hi tendertouch, i went for first aquarobics class last week, could only do half class but veryleased with that. Felt good for a few days after, will be going back. Good luck with mri.

  • i miss my gardening, it was my release valve, but struggle now,but like you i sometimes do,because i get the pain any way so may as well earn it, suffer later but i get satifaction out of it,

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