1 week to go !!!!

here i sit 1 week to go 1st i will reach 60 2nd will be going on holiday to the dominican republic with my lovely husband now i start worrying 1st will my back hold out on the 10 hr flight 2nd will the sun do me some good and relieve the pain im always in i dont mind being 60 but on a lighter note i worry can i still wear jeans oh well im going to sit here and cross everything as most lower parts of me need crossing these days !!

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  • Hi snowbird,

    Happy birthday for next week, big 60 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hope you enjoy your holiday, you will just have to keep getting up and move about, if i sit for too long (and thats proberbly minutes not 10 hours) it takes me ages to unstiffen out.

    Have a lovely time.

    kel xxx

  • hi hunny do you think you could squess a littel one in please :-D

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