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Cried my way through yesterday

After being in so much pain on Tuesday afternoon and walking like a 90 year old, I got up yesterday morning feeling very sorry for myself, every little thing had me bursting into tears. I managed to get a telephone consultation with my doctor as I felt my pain meds just weren't working - I walk around rattling with the amount of tablets I'm taking, plus the pain patch that I wear and yet I am still in pain, my doctor wants to see me on Friday, so that I can take a depression test!!! My neighbour then asked if I was depressed - my reply "of course I'm bloody depressed, I've been in constant pain for 5 years now, my life has no resemblance of what it used to be like and I have completely had enough" but no I'm not depressed, just having a self pitying day. Went to bed last night to try and sleep - couldn't as usual, however, whilst trying to get comfortable it popped into my head that my blue badge that I had reapplied for (the old one is about to expire) hadn't come through yet - I applied for it in February!!! Blooming Fibro Fogs - unless I make a note with an alarm, I cannot remember a thing!! So then of course I'm trying to make myself remember this morning to phone up and chase it - without forgetting again!! So any chance of dropping off was completely gone! I did also set an alarm on my phone to chase it - which I have now done.

OK rant over, still having a bit of a self pity party, but hopefully I can pull myself out of it soon.

Hope everyone else is OK - gentle hugs xx

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Sorry your feeling so down, I think sometimes it all just gets to much and you have to let it all out.

Hopefuly you'll feel a bit better soon, keep going and lots of hugs xxxx


Come on now let it all out and have a good old rant it will do you good your not feeling sorry for yourself and if you are so what we are entitled too now you take care today and try and smile and put on your mask as we do mine has been on since 5 am it is slipping a bit but never mind lol have a good a day as you can love to you diddle x


Hun, you rant away, you have every right to feel sorry for yourself, i had a day like that yesterday. It made me feel better.

It seems like evreytime i feel worse, someone else in my family has something going on so i dont say anything, this is where this site helps me. :)

hope you pick up soon.

kel xxx


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