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is there an easy was to find what blog/question i have commented on

I enjoy this site and from time to time comment on a blog or answe a question, BUT somtimes i comment on so many blogs and question then Fibro fog kicks in and i forget what the hell i have commented on.

Apart from checking my email all of the time is there quicker way of finding which blog or question i have commented on :d


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Hi Chorley, I think if you go into the main blog page you then get another page you can look at called my blog and the same with questions. xx


Hi Ange, yeh i can do that but what i cant do is find a fast way to see and remember the other peoples blogs and questions i have commented on :)


Hi Lynn, I guese i will have to wait for the upgrade, i cant remember my own name never mind the names o the people whos blogs i have joind in with HAHAHAHA :P




Hi Christine, thats a good idea, as there isnt the system that i would like to see on here at the moment i think i will do as you mentiond and set up a folder :P

as for you being a Secretary its too early to be doing any jokes and i am only on coffee number one, MMMMM do secretarys make the coffee if so mine is white with one sweetner hehehehe



OMG that is all too high tec for me ha ha drag this pull that push this pull that click on this oh dear too much info but if you are computer minded you will understand , will give it a go but will prob crash my pc lol i am confused now ha ha have a good day while i figure out what to do Love to you all diddle x


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