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Good night?

Well after what would usually be considered a good night, I only woke up half a dozen times if that, I fell back to sleep after seeing my son off to school and didnt wake up till midday.

A good thing we would think? OOOOH no, now I have blinding headache and my entire body is on fire with pain, I dont think there is an inch of me not hurting, including the hand trying to type this :(

On the up side Im not at work until 5pm so hoping it will die down before then. Trouble is I dont know what to do with myself. I know I should try to move around as it was sleeping to long that caused this, but every movement hurts and so all I want to do is lie back down.

Grrrr, it so frustrating!!

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Twiglet i hope it is better by time you go back to work.

I always am bad for having a lie in, with me its because i havent stuck to my routine with my meds.

I was up all night and the best slepp i had was when partner got out of bed at 6 45am and me dragging myself out at 7 30, Typical isnt it lol.

gentle hugs kel xxx


Aww bless damed if we do damed if we don't...


Thanks all, was a lot better by time for work and had a good shift :) pains not too bad now and I have a day off tomoz so fingers crossed I'll be able to make the most of it :) xx


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