Emmett Technique

Went to see the woman today and she said she'd like to do this on me which she did for about 45 minutes. She just touched the places where I hurt most and said it shouldn't be painful. It was in some places even though she was really gentle but, I do feel just slightly easier tonight. My shoulders aren't as painful either. I'm going back next Friday and will see if it makes any more difference then.

If not I might ask her to try something else and see if that works. It's £35 so can't go too often :(


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  • Morning Christine - and everyone.

    Well, as I've always said, I'm not as bad as everyone else in the group so I can only speak for myself but I slept well last night - but I usually do at the moment probably because of the drugs I take before I go to bed - and I woke up this morning and got out of bed much easier than I have done for ages and I walked down the stairs easier too. I still ache and have pain but I truly feel that the woman helped yesterday. Or, is it all in my head?????

    I shall go back next Friday and see how I am after that session.

    Sue x :)

  • Hi sue,

    I am so pleased for you, i hope it really does help.

    Let us know how you get on next friday, Its always good to hear of something that helps, even if it is just a little bit. :)

    kel xxx

  • Hi Kel,

    Thank you.

    I will do love. It was only a little bit but enough to get me out of bed and downstairs without a lot of pain. I don't know what anyone thinks about these complementary therapies cos I can't see them working on someone who is really bad but she said my muscles were very tight and she released them a bit. That'll do for me anyway......

    Sue xxx

  • not heard of this therapy, went to 6 sessions with a bowen technique practioner and that was good, strange they did some pressing and pushing at a few muscles, then left me 5 mins then did more, at one point during session i couldnt feel my legs it was like they went somwhere to be repaired LOL, i did get alot from it x

  • This woman I went to wednesday_ does Emmett and the Bowen too. She must have thought Emmett was best for me. I've got a leaflet on both which I've read twice and haven't a clue now what it said LOL :)

    She very gently pushed and pressed a few places on me, occasionally I said 'ow' and she left there and went back to that bit later. Just looked at the leaflet and it says they often leave the room for short periods to let the body rest and reset.

    Wish my back and hips would go somewhere to be repaired LOL.


  • LOL! Sue

    yes in bowen she left me, she didnt leave the room, simply as i was sent to it by occupational health, i work in NHS and they employ bowens therapists to send workers to, was really fab! aye somedays you wish from the enck down would disappear and reappeasr well lol glad your rtying other routes to tackling fibro, think the pain and fatigue we all expreince leave you open minded, think if someone told me suckling a toad would help id give it a go LOL! x

  • LOL, and I'd be sharing it with you too! xx

  • sue LOLOLOL! keep a look out for toads! x

  • LOL, I've kissed a few toads in my time, even married a couple! LOL :) xx

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