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Overdoing it!

Why is it that after a flare-up and things seem back to normal(!) i go and overdo it because I feel functional again...then wham...down i go again. i know the outcome of trying too hard but being as independent as possible is 2nd nature to me. So tired i want to go to bed but if i do I'll be up again by 10 (now8) and then sit up until the wee small hours. has anyone out there learnt how to pace themselves?

Have a good weekend everyone

gentle hugs

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Hi Bumble,

I do exactly the same, when feeling ok start to do things but then really know to it with the pain back even worse than before. it seems we never learn. think will have to take Jules58 advice and do something half hour and rest half hour, see how i go with that. I too find it difficult to sleep, go to bed extremely tired only to be wide awake in the early hours, one night's complete sleep would be bliss. gentle hugs to all x


Hi bumble, i always overdo it on a good day, as i dont get many lol.

I have learnt to pace myself alot but i just cant keep on top of it as i have three children and it is just so hard to keep resting.

Its my social life i have had to drop just so i have a similar routine everyday. :(

kel xxx


Seems like we're pretty much all the same! Thanks for sharing your comments and enjoy the weekend! x


Dito, Dito, Dito :-)


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