anyone suffer with acid reflux?


I was wondering if any of you suffer with acid reflux and have ever been woken up in the night chocking on an acid/bile/sickness?

The past couple of nights I have woken chocking

It has really frightened me. I dont have acid thru the day, I am on buscapan and omeprosol to calm my tummy because of all the tablets I take and suspected gallstones.

If anyone can help I would be very grateful. I thought about going to the dr but it just seems like I am there all the time at the mo, they will think I am a hypocondriact ( sorry for spellings)

I just feel like EVERYTHING is going wrong with me all at once. I am so tired, fell poorly and my depression is creeping up on me again

thank you

gentle hugs

Penny xx

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  • my friends daughter got this she has fibro as well but she had to have an op cos it was so bad

  • Thanks angled will have to get it checked out just another thing to add to my list just keeps getting longer xx

  • fairlady penny, i am so sorry you have to suffer that. i have had it before and not at all nice. try sitting up a bit more in bed. I would see the dr again because it looks like your medication may not be right for you. Hope you feel better soon. xxx soft hugs

  • Hi gypsycrafter and thank you I will prop myself up abit more in bed it just feels like I am falling to pieces, beginning to think I would be better not being here everything is going wrong all at the same time. I will go see the dr about this tho

    gentle hugs

    Penny xx

  • we keep threatening to go to the vet! hope you will be ok. perhaps when it happens a mouthfull of milk? xxx

  • the Vet yes sounds good to me lol will try the milk thank you xx

  • HI penny, yes I agree with gypsycrafter maybe your meds need tweaking.

    I have acid reflux and take Lansoprazole once daily usually first thing in the morning 20 mins before eating and another later if needed.

    Poor you, chin up

    Gentle Hugs x x x

  • Thanks I will try keep my chin up I will go see dr see what they say thanks again

    gentle hugs back to you

    Penny xx

  • I have acid reflux and am taking omeprazole for it. It is worse on a night I tend to sleep semi-sitting I have a v-shaped pillow which is a god send during the night.

    I hope you sort something soon.

    Gentle hugs x

  • I take omeprazole already but I will look into a v shaped pillow but in the mean time will prop myself up more

    thanks for your coment


    Penny xx

  • I too take omeprazole and get through at least one bottle of Gaviscon Advance a week - only last night I had the most terrible reflux - and drank over half the bottle before I could calm the burning. I must order some more, but I don't know if my GP will be that impressed that I'm having to order again so soon.

    I've mentioned elsewhere that having my gallbladder out was one of the best things I ever did. However, as the bile now goes straight into my stomach as there is no gallbladder to store it in, my stomach becomes fuller than it used to be, and this causes me to have reflux more often - oh boy it's like my throat is on fire.

    Looked at the price of Gaviscon Advance in Boots today and the price is prohibitive. As we get all our prescriptions free in Wales, I'm just going to have to order some more and hope my GP will take pity on me. I have bought something cheaper in the meantime and I'm being very careful about what I eat and drink, especially late at night. Wish me luck!

  • thanks for your comment, Great so if I need my gallbladder out the reflux will get worse thanks for that lol.

    I cant see why your dr wouldnt give you some more gaviscon if you need it, let me know xx

    It doesnt normally bother me its just seems to be during the night when I wake choking scary

    good luck hun xxx

  • Well, not everybody is the same. Life without my gallbladder is much better than life with it - my backache was decreased by about 50%.

    Gastric reflux is usually listed as one of the symptoms of fibro. Normally I keep mine under control, by watching what I eat and when. I take the Gaviscon after every meal and at bedtime as a precaution - it not only neutralises acid, but it acts like a "raft" to keep your stomach contents down (lovely).

    I think I know why I had that bad attack earlier this week - I had too much rhubarb crumble at tea time and then had toast and marmalade before bed. Too much food, too acidic and too late at night. My own silly fault.

    If you use Gaviscon correctly and eat and drink sensibly, you won't get the reflux at night.

    I am prescribed Gaviscon Advance - there are other types of Gaviscon, but they tend to be runny - they just neutralise the acid, they don't stop it coming back up.

  • Thank you hun I will ask my gp about it and watch what i eat and hopefully will be able to keep it under control xx

  • Best of luck. Prevention is better than a cure. I have ordered a new supply - haven't checked if it's been accepted though.

    Feel OK now - no reflux last night and no rhubarb crumble left either!

    Take care xx

  • Wow I get it too but didn't know it was to do with the Fibro. I also take Omeprazole for all the good it does. This site is so helpful.

  • Hi, I wasnt sure if it was part of fibro but it seems like alot of people suffer from it. I take Omeprozole to but as you say it doesnt do alot

    I love this site everyone is so helpful xxx

  • It's a common complication alongside IBS and IBS is a common problem with Fibro. Many people with Fibro do also get prescribed anti-inflammatories (despite Fibro not being inflammatory) and these bring an increased risk of reflux, gastritis and ulcers.

  • Thank you Lindsey, I have IBS too and if I dont have gallstones ( scan later today) it might be an ulcer I am told so that would fit oh the things we have to go thru

    thank you again


    Penny xx

  • fairylady i was on 20mg Omprezole morning and the same at night.. i'd had the camera down twice over 10 years but mine was due to Helecobactor-pylori i got rid of it but it started again when i got the syptoms of fibro i got a new Doctor who changed my tablets from Omprezole to Ranitidine for the acid and Domperidone for the sickness feeling.... i dont think anything will ever truly get rid of the acid exept maybe an operation in certain exceptions... but Ranitidine actually prevents excess acid where as Omprezole just treats acid..... it has worked a lot better for me than Omprezole and i dont feel as bloated... just a thought if you fancy a change of tablet Regards Dave x

  • you question was like reading me, I have recently stopped eating bread which help a little, I also dont like going to gp same reason as u.. I am on two of omeprozole, when i was bad i just added and extra one in at lunch time for few days lol not sure if i coud but it work. xx

  • I dont eat alot of bread I was put on omeprozole because of all the tablets I am on but it is getting worse tho I am going for a scan to see if I have gallstones dont know if that has anything to do with it prob not lol If its not gallstones then I might have a stomcah ulcer I will know more tomorrow. Its hard going this fibro I have to say

    take care

    Penny xxx

  • Hi try apple cider vinegar and a spoonful of baking soda will bring up the wind andown the vinegar will break down the gallstones and uric acid which causes pain in joint s if they are there

    Good luck

  • Hi Fairylady also get acid reflux, on omeprozole and various other concoctions i take a glass of milk before bed, and if it is realy bad i have a drop of Peppermint cordial this seems to do the trick. I take half of boots pharmacy now and realy dont want to submit my body to anymore invasive drugs lol !

  • Hi and thank you for that will try the milk or maybe peppermint tea before bed. I know what you mean I take so many tablets it takes them ages to fill my prescription at the chemist lol


    Penny xx

  • I have been on my "temporary" omaprezarole since 2002! That stopped helping then GP doubled dose to 20mg. thankfully it works for me now. I didn't know it was symptom of Fibro either!

    Good luck at Drs.

    Gentle hugs xx

  • I take omeprazole, one first thing in a morning and one last thing at night. I also wake up choking and feeling I can't breathe. It is really scary. I didn't know it was part of Fibro until now. You are all helping me to learn more about Fibro and I am so grateful. When I first joined the blog and received my first answers I cried because you were all so lovely.

    Thank you.

  • Isn't it great that we are not alone and we can learn so much aboutt this horrible illness.

    I am really pleased you are liking the group

    take care

    Penny xxxx

  • I am a fellow suffered from acid reflux and also take buscopan and omaprazol.

    Does anyone know what food and rink are likely to cause acid reflux please

  • Hi I have acid reflux it stems from a small highateus hernia in my tummy. It lets the acid back up my throat. I take omepraxole brilliant stuff.

    Do try and have a gentle evening with out eating to heavily spiced food.

    Best wishes


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