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Sooooooooo Tired

Today i woke up feeling good it was lovely I decided to change my bed linen which took over an hour and left me totally exshausted ,pottered about the house a little then realised i had lost £50 was have been searching everywhere all afternoon and found it outside in the weelie bin I had thrown it out with the rubbish ,Shattered now and looking forward to my nice fresh bed later after a hot bubble bath

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oh poor you but atleast you found it ,have a lovely bubble bath xxx


I did that a couple of years ago with 40, I was crying and eventually thought no I couldn't have but yes like you in the top of my bin ...

I also have another nightmare I bring so much down the stairs put the washing machine on and then think where is my phone ...

Thank goodness you found the money ...


I do that with my phone and the washing too penny ! My head just feels all mushy all the time ! Thanks for the comments guys x


Glad you found your money sue, :) I have washed my phone not once but twice. Think i would learn wouldn't you, claimed on the insurance. Two days later my shiny new phone arrives three days later i do exactly the same, ooooooh how cross was i with myself. So now washing and phone stay very much apart. Lou x


So glad you have found it, that was a close one ehh.

I do stupid stuff like that all the time, and i never tell my other half as he would go mad lol.

kel xxx


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