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fibro or?

I have now after an x-ray been diagnosed as having cervical scoliosis and spondylosis which is just another thing to worry about and back yet again to the docs which has now taken 2 years to get this far. i think i;ll just give up shortly and shut up and put up!!!! that's diverticular, positional vertigo and now cervical scoliosis. just thought it was the menopause or fibro or both, very confused at the moment :)

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Oh dont really know what all those are and what they entail so i wont pretend that i do , i jus hope that you get yourself sorted out or they do and get on the proper medication etc you take care and you really need to push now you have gorthis far love tp you Diddlex


thanks diddle much appreciated xx


I have same julie,scoliosis I was born with.I now have chronic arthritis of the spine.I`m 58 so it`s been many years with pain and now only found out in January about fibro. And the fact I was told I had fibrositis at 16 which is the old fashioned name for fibromyalgia exsplained a lot to me.

What photo`s I have as a child,teenager then adult show my left shoulder

higher than my right.

I also have postural vertigo.So your not alone hun, it`s just a load more we have to cope with.I can understand your confusion and I`m thinking of you.Hugs xxx


thanks butterfly54, it just seems when i turned 50 it all went downhill, i haven't been diagnosed with fibro yet as my doctor keeps on saying it's age and to expect things happening like this, i've been pretty healthy all my life so this is all new to me. i'm sorry you;ve been in pain all these years must be hard for you, i don't know about you but the vertigo flares up constantly depending on my stress levels, good to know that someone else understands as i think sometimes i'm making this all up-take care and thinking of you-lovexxx


hi christineEls-sorry to hear you have these conditions, such a lot to deal with x the diverticular disease is the pockets in the colon and the diverticulitis is when it gets inflamed, when food that get stuck in the pockets become inflamed and infected so must stay clear of foods with seeds or corn which just don't digest properly. it does get you down and you need to properly manage it or it can be very painful. i think all of these conditions are a lot to deal with it-take care xx


hi christineEls-poor thing she must be soo low having to deal with this some docs not very understanding they don't seem to deal with people on a one to one basis and try to understand their individual circumstances the benefits are ther to be claimed but as you said you can't make her do that what a lot she has to deal with it's so sad, i think theres more and more people in this situation- let your friend know people are thinking of her and i hope you are feeling well-take care xxx


dear Julie51,

what is cervical scoliosis? only i have cfs/me as well as fibro and after removal of my gall bladder, i went in to a menopausal roller coaster.

its just the last six months i have only been intermit with my husband twice and the very next day started heavy bleeding. then monday my gp did an internal examination, said cervix's seems ok but on tuesday i started heavy bleeding again and its still not stopped. been sent for numerous blood tests but must admit i am a bit concerned here as you hear its not good to bleed after sex.

is this part of cervical scoliosis. i two have diverticular in the colon but was told my general surgeon this was of no concern as all people develope this as they age. i was 45. suffering extreme low abdominal cramps. which i know this can cause but i also have ibs,

we are bombarded with illness to come with and try and keep up beat. its no wonder we all end up crying a great deal of time. my eyes are gritty i have muscle pain all over today and my head hurts bad this morning. it is my husbands birthday and i have to try and smile for the family when all i want to do is go to bed right now.

last week i was suffering extreme nightmares but these have gone for the moment.

thinking of you sweetheart.

happe xxx


hi juli51, LOL what a full am I. i saw the word cervical and though immediately of one of my current health issues and took this to mean cervix ......... op's you have to laugh, even gave insight to my poor husbands sexual diet due to my illness.

made me laugh this has. hope you see the funny side too

ps i was fortunate to have a progressive mri scan and it showned compression on flexation of the cervical spine and dysfunction of the cervical spine generally with slight degeneration of two disc's. i used to work for hours on pc and this this is responsible for this damage. my neck pain and headaches are always there.


hi happe-it sounds so familar i've got sympathy with you the nightmares, muscle ache, headaches tiredness, my gp thinks it;s all part of age and stress, but then again i think it's all guess work anyway and a process of elimination untill they have ran out of options and then diagnos eventually with fibro, it all seems to point that way, yes i thought you must be on the wrong track with the cervical scoliosis but you've got a lot to deal with by the sound of it, the diverticular is a funny one it dominates your life i've always really eaten quite healthy plenty of fruit and veg etc, but always carried a bit of weight, then discover i've got this and find out not all fruit and veg is good for this condition so have to be very careful, don't like the flareups quite painful especially when sitting in an office for 8 hours, plenty of trips to the loo! the scoliosis is a curve which you can have from birth, theres a deformed rib involved seemingly which has knocked my left side out of balance, tingling fingers aching legs and arms, but as you get older and they are looking for other things it comes to light, seemingly can cause arthritis later one, something to look forward to. ah keep your head up happe put a smile on for the family we all do it but it's hard, i lost my mam and dad within 2 year and nursed my mam when she was dying so the stress is put to one side when you're doing that and then when they'd gone i started to feel really ill and that was 18 months ago so back and forth to the docs gets you down-thinking of you happe take care-xxxx


Hi Happe,

Could you tell me where you had the scan for PC3 please???


Peachy x


a men the lord help you in bad times


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