What leisure activities have you had to give up due to FMS?

I've had to give up Falconry and need to re-home my bird. I was loving playing badminton once a week and getting to make new friends at the club. I was also a fully paid up member of a shooting club, and had to give that up half way through my membership. Driving is something I used to enjoy, and it gave me independence, but I can't do that any more either.

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  • This wretched condition impinges on our lives in so many ways! So sorry to hear you've had to give up so much. I guessed from your name tht you had to be involved with raptors in some way.

    I gave up the gymn but try to walk as far as possible with my boxer. Some days she gets a long walk and on 'bad' days I take her to the local fields where i know she can run and play with a lot of other dogs...enjoyment for her and minimal effort from me. I joined a book club that meets once a month...this should be easy...but i've lost count of the times i haven't attended because it is just too much effort to go out. The thing that frustrates me most is not being able to plan ahead with my social life...spontaneity is the name of the game! My friends are brilliant and understand when i cancel (yet again). I haven't booked a holiday in over 3 years but am biting the bullet and taking a much needed break in spain at the end of the month.

    Fingers tingling and wrists aching....time to stop writing!

  • Over the years of my condition developing I gave up hockey first, I used to play for my school team and was even invited to play for the county team but at that point a game was killing me. Since coming to uni I have had to give up playing clarinet and saxophone, which were a big part of my life, I was in numerous music groups at school and at county level and also worked at a local saturday music school, so giving up feels like I've lost most of my life..

  • So sad without realizing I have given up so much, walking dancing reading most of my social life friends just do not understand, sat in my local Starbucks at the moment one thing that is cheap with a Starbucks card. I do go to the cinema but fidget like mad but had to cancel this week just could not do it. I have bought a tent it

  • has cheered my soul but the reality may be different, sometimes I do something and pay the price :-(

    So sad adapted without even realizing, I am going for hydrotherapy and am determined to be positive with exercise and diet, time will tell ...

  • Too much :(

  • I have had to give up canoeing, a hobby that my husband and I shared. I am a musician and am just about managing to continue to play and teach part time. Going through a bad patch at the moment and have not been able to play for three weeks. Managed to get myself back playing after a previous flare up and am so determined to do it again!

  • That's easy to answer - everything! I don't even go for walks any more, I used to love walking our two dogs. I don't leave the house often, perhaps once a week when hubby's home. I lead a hermit's life these days which is difficult as I used to be on the go 24/7 365! This condition has a lot to answer for. I keep telling myself one day I might be able to resume all the activities I miss so much :)

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