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losing the flare up!!

I have lost the flare up only to have a bad bout of ibs! not sure whick is worse. at least i can move round better but still a bit stiff in the joints. the new anti depressants seem to be working thank goodness. enjoyed my time away but begged to come home when the weather changed. not long before spring, already the flowers are coming out.

hope you are all ok . I can see there is humour around by reading all your blogs.

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Have you got medication for IBS? Maybe trying changing your diet. Since I started eating pretty much 3 meals a day I feel my IBS is a lot better. Its just difficult to remember to or have the energy to, thankfully I have friends to supoprt me. But on days when I'm on my own I generally don't eat or order takewaway...


no meds, i have enough already! the main prob with that is trying to get something that does not interfere with something else! however i normally try to do just fruit, veg and meat but need 5 smaller meals a day but dont want to cook 5 times a day. when i dont want to cook it is soup or ding ding, but they upset me. mainly it when someone else cooks for me that i have problems, they think it is just a fad because tomorrow it will be something else! i am sure lots of us have this problem because it is " just fibro" and things change regularly


Hi glad you had nice time away and glad flare up gone but now you got ibs ??? why cant we just have a break from it all ???? i dont know but yeah hopefully spring on its way, mind you just seen there is ice on the car this morning / take care love Diddle x


thank you my friends for your support


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