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what a farce!!!

Had to go to my eldest daughters parent evening last night as usual i had forgot and was totally unprepaired for it (no babysitter oops)

well after a fashion we walk up there the school is only just up my road .

so 2 yr old in toe we arrive to total caous ,we have appointments but its everyone for themselves so after walking up and down ,up and down ,my 2 yr old throws a wobbly and my daughter is so imbarressed she wants to go home :(

so off we walk back home ,to discover babysitter has turned up yay you say BUTby now its 6oclock and im ready to turn back into a pumkin (cinderella got till midnight ) so as you understand my body has now given up.

so walking stick at the ready we try again so back we walk ,and after we stand around waiting and walk back and thorth again we manage it ,

BUT the look on peoples faces cause i now had a stick and didnt or dont during the day was a picture i felt a fraud without them even saying anything ,what they dont realise is the pushchair is like a walker for me and if i dont have it especially at that time of night i will fall flat on face :)

but it was worth it my daughter is doing super good and iam really proud of her ,well done hunnie !!!! :)

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Aww i know what you mean people dolook at you and stare i have got a stick and i have used it on occasion but only in morning in dark but if i now got it out and statred to use it people would look and say how come she got that she looks ok ( believe me i may look ok but spend and hour in this body and you would have a shock) it s awaful because there is nothing to see , i really did think i was making it up in my own mind at one point? i just thought i cant possibly have all these things wrong and such odd things too, but on here it is wonderful to hear people talk like i do , you take care and glad your daughter has made you proud love and soft hugs Diddle xxx


thanks diddle i hateuseing my stick to do school runs cause as you say people look at you ,and then the odd one will actually ask and then its the same old same old cycle of trying to explain just to see their eyes glaze over :)

have a good day soft hugs x


What a nightmare lynz. Well done to your daughter. xxx


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