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Brain Fog!

I have had Fibro for 21 years now and 3 out of 5 of my children have it too. Today, I was so relieved to see I'm not the only 1 who forgets how to do everyday things. Twice over the years I've forgotten where the brake is on my car. I have forgotten how to get to places and have been very afraid when I found I was lost.

On the funny side I was trying to change channel on my tv and couldn't understand why it wouldn't change. I suddenly realised that what I had in my hand was my mobile phone.

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Hi looneyju. Just having a giggle at your name. :) There are loads of us who forget things.

Fibro fog is awful isn't it, I couldn't remember how to open the door of my microwave a while back, it's really scary.


Looney by name. Looney by nature! It is scary when you can't remember how something simple works. I felt such a twit when my daughter said um mum you do know your phone doesn't turn the tv on? At least I can laugh at myself and frequently do.


I know exactly what fibro fog does.

I even forgot how to sign my name when using my cashcard.

I proberbly looked an absolute fool, I still now have to give it a quick check before doing it. Dont know why still to this day.

I forget names all the time my kids get called allsorts lol.

kel xxx


I call everyone Fred, Albert and Englebert! My kids say 'No, I'm fred not Albert!. (4 girls, 1 boy) :-)

So many times I've looked at where I have to sign and thought 'what is it I write there? I make a joke of it now!

What was your name again? Albert!


Hi eeerrrrrmmm let me think OH yeh Looneyju :)

I agree with Sue Fibro Fog can be awful at times but sometimes can be quite funny depending on the situation, if you read some of the blogs on here you will see that you are not alone and also see the funny things people do me included LOL :)

lets all have fun and share our laughs :)

Keep your chin up :)



Thanks Chorley! Thank goodness I haven't tried to answer the tv remote YET! :-)


only just found this sight so when i read about other people and their fibro fog it made me feel so much beter ,i really did feel i was going mad ,the leaflet the docs give you with a list of symptons says "feelings of confusion" HA!! is that an understatment!

i do the most stupid things ever ,some funny some not

just now i stood at the toaster with two slices of bread and for the life of me i had no idea what i was doing lol:)


I stand in front of the micro and my mind is saying what does this do? I so know what it's like. I'm glad I have read the stories on here. I don't feel so stupid now!


My kids have filled in my missing words in conversations for 21 years. Poor sods!


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