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my body aches with pain so much and my hands swell up and my fingers get very sore..

i have cyst on my kidneys, hiatus hernia, ceelica disease, cronic fatuge,fibro,M.E and now the doctor think i might have lupus as got this red rash on my nose and cheeks.....

man how much more does my body want....

i am in pain all the time and can hardley walk,my partner does all the house work and the cooking, he is my life line and my rock ....x

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If you have Lupus, it could well explain why you have struggled to get control of your symptoms. If it does get diagnosed, other treatments become not only available but necessary and that could mean you can get better symptom control in future.

Just as Fibro has a number of other conditions, like IBS, as symptoms of the overall Fibro, almost much everything else you have could be a symptom of the overall Lupus.

I have always found the information on the website on the diagnosis of Lupus very helpful:

Note that if you get asked, go to the US site, not the UK Boots version.


You sound in a poor old way bless you. I am not up on lupus so cant really comment on that but i notice another member has left you a link on it so hopefully you will get some info and help on there. Yes i often think to myself how much more can a body take and why are such weird things hurting. you enjoy the rest of the day love and soft hugs Diddle x


i thought i had lupus have red marks on my cheek hands swell up and have red patches on them fingers are all still and pain all over but when my bloods came back she said something about my antibodies are ok so dont have lupus but my esr was up and now have another blood test as last 2 came back highr than norma;


could I have lupus?i am sure I was tested for it in the early years of being diagnosed with fibro.i know my ESR tests are up tho my DR ddint explain what these were.lately i have bright red skin patches.i saw my rheumatologist in November after referral from DR cos my hands were quite bad ,swollen and red patches and swelling in some of the bones(palm) at the base of my middle fingers.he never mentioned lupus and both him and my DR ignored the fact that I had lost weight in my arms legs and back yet my abdomen was getting bigger,i don't think my dr likes me telling him what things could be as over the last 18 months dr's have no t listened to me or given me any idea what is causing symptoms.especially the lumps I have in my abdomen and they ddint pick up on gallstones for which I am awaiting surgery


sounds like the lupus thats how they found out i had it the rash over the nose


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