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Just washed my hair and now i am worn out lol!

who would have thought that a 5 min hair wash over bath with a shower could wear you out lol. now my arms are like ton weights and all my spine and hips are aching they were beore but now they are aggrevated by the task i have just done ha ha never mind will have my meds now and a coffee so hopefully that will perk me up a bit and then attempt to drag the sleeping dog off the chair to take him 5 mins up the road and then read . have good day everyone and beware when you wash your hair! should have a warning for fibro sufferers lol Love and soft hugs diddle xxx

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Hi Diddle,

It sounds mad doesnt it, exhausted after washing your hair.

I am the exact same, Some days having a shower is all i can do, and drying myself is the worst.

kel xxx


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