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Dizzy and nauseous when washed my hair


I don't wash it very often and I usually get pain in back when bend into the sink but today when stood up straight I felt as if I would be sick and had to take Peptobysmal and really worried about throwing up. It's worried me next time I wash my hair :(

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Do you have a shower ?

Would maybe better if you washed it in shower would prevent you from having to bend over

FoggyMoggy in reply to Rose54

Thanks - no I can't shower or bath on account of feeling so cold and never properly dry afterwards. I even feel like this after washing my hair which is another reason I don't do it often. I suffer from Hyperhidrosis when I'm cold.

Maybe get a seat if you can’t use shower so you don’t need to bend your head

FoggyMoggy in reply to robpw

I don't have showers

morning foggy I think sometimes if you bend to quickly can have a rush of blood to the brain x

FoggyMoggy in reply to uggycat

Thanks. It was when I lifted my head, uggycat. I wasn't aware that I moved it quickly as I move very slowly but maybe I did! x

I know someone who swears by dry shampoo. She doesn't only use dry shampoo, but it cuts down on the number of times she has to wash her hair.

hi Regina, yes I've tried dry shampoo but I don't find it works for me alas but good for the occasional use. I do find no rinse shampoo helps because that stops the need for bending over the sink but when I need to add colour I have to rinse it out in the sink!

I sometimes get this in general with my fibro so I know how you feel it’s really awful! Maybe mention it to your GP when you next see them? Always best to be safe xxx

Thanks Danielle. Xx

Sorry know I wasn’t that much help! But sometimes knowing you aren’t alone helps xxx

Definitely! Thanks x

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