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Hi can i please ask doe's anyone go to toilet alot ( weeing) i am constantly up and down day and night i was wondering with fibro do anyone else suffer .driving me mad.

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I do go once in night and try to hang on again til it’s time to get up even thou it’s painful.I tend to go a lot to the loo in daytime so was referred to a urologist.I had tests and he said was ok and not to drink a lot.I only drink de cafe coffee and tea but his suggestion was to only have one drink a day and that was last hot summer.But I don’t know if fibro does effect your bladder,it’s certainly not kind to elsewhere in body.Best to get get things checked for peace of mind thou

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YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

Hello , I would differently get a urine sample to your doctors surgery for a piece of mind just to rule out any infections. I do drink alot I allow myself 4 coffees by mid day nothing after, I will have a cup of cranberry juice a day, and lots of chilled fluids even in the evening they say having a cup of boiled water with lemon is good for flushing out the system . Perhaps an appointment with the practioner nurse or doctor mite be good , take care .

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diabetes, medication

Holding pee/full bladder, stretches the bladder causing leaking/incontinence (full emptying) problems later on.

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Bumpity in reply to honeybug

That is so true, in my younger days I would be too embarrassed to use a public toilet, daft really. I would hold on until I got home. Am now in my 60's and urine incontinent, I saw a consultant and he said it was due to having a 'rather large bladder' which doesn't empty properly, think of a polythene bag which has had water and when emptied still has water in the folds.

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honeybug in reply to Bumpity

yes…my now late brother had the same problem; bless him. He had such a problem with the incontinence when out in public…felt so badly for him.

I pray that your needs are met and you are protected from such incidents yourself.

Take care be safe.

EJ 🤗🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

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This could be related to your Meds. I don't think it's related to Fibromyalgia. Have a word with your GP.

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There could be several reasons for this - I would definitely recommend asking your GP to refer you to a urologist.

I have got to have surgery on my bladder in May, as my problem is caused by urethral structures (scar tissue from my hysterectomy is blocking the opening of my urethra, so my bladder doesn’t empty!)

In used to think I needed to tighten my pelvic floor, but it was too tight and needed different exercises to loosen it 😅

There are so many things that could be causing issues, so best to get some professional advice 💙

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I had to get up a lot at night to use the bathroom turned out I had sleep apnea too. Cpap eliminated that for me. Try taking magnesium. Many people are deficient and it can cause excessive urination if you're not getting enough. I take magnesium glycinate and I feel a bit better and sleep slightly better with it.

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Lots of nights, yes - as last night, and occasional nights , less so. Can be an issue during day where it is more a case of feeling pressure and feeling I need to. Have had a history of cystitis that may be encouraging me not to hold-on!

(Since taking D Mannose capsule daily, cystitis -has not reacurred - may be coincidence). All doctor during the time of online apps, do was to offer antibiotics , a lot. I do wonder if this is linked to the diagnosis of fibromyalgia - who knows.-

I am only 2 weeks since diagnosis, so still ‘learning’.

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[M 38] I’ve read sensitivity bladder much like IBS etc is linked to nerve signals and therefore Fibro. I’ve had the issue daytime more than night but have found pregabalin reduces it a lot (I noticed when. I changed for a while). It was one of my earliest signs something wasn’t right . Also holding it will make it worse in the long term. GP may have meds that will help?

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MaggieSylvie in reply to DavidCB

Pregabalin has made a huge difference to me - night and day.

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Yes I've had an overactive bladder since childhood and then when it got worse after childbirth I was diagnosed with Bladder Pain Syndrome which is comorbid with fibromyalgia.

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First of all can i say, NEVER force yourself to hold if theres a loo available. This will stretch bladder and in turn cause you leakage in the future, empty as soon as possible. I have a chronic weak bladder but dont think its to do with fibro as such. Im still under investigation with spine and thinks i have trapped nerve base of spine which can cause bladder problems. You REALLY need to check in with doctor, it could range from anything to much liquid thru day/night to infection. Get it checked asap put mind at rest and catch whatever is causing it in time to do something about it.

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HiHave you looked into histamine intolerance?

I have FM too and when I addressed my histamine intolerance my fatigue and frequent urination improved.

Also, if you get migraines frequent urination can happen at the prodrome stage ie be an early warning sign.


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I get up to pee a few times I think mainly because the pain wakes me up. I don’t think it’s a good idea to hold back on drinks as it might put you at risk of urine infections.

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Hi Sharty, this is where Fibromyalgia is tricky to pin down. There are so many odd symptoms it’s difficult to tease out whether it’s part of Fibromyalgia syndrome or another health problem.

IBS is common and so an irritable bladder perhaps when having a flare is too. Make sure you keep well hydrated.

With any new symptom I always get it checked out by Doctor. It could be a low level infection or potentially an indicator of diabetes for example.

It’s better to know than the stress of worrying which itself can cause a Fibro flare up.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Interesting to read all the comments above. I got diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis via a cystoscopy which has links to Fibro. I only drink water now and try not to drink large amounts at once just regularly through the day. Definitely worth checking your bladder out as not everything can be blamed on fibro (even if doctors like to do this!). Best of luck, living life by your bladder is pants (excuse the pun!) X

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Absolutely yes even to the point of nearly nothing coming out and bursting and a little comes out

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I feel the need to go to the loo 3-4 times a night…not so much as a result of full bladder, but I presume a ‘faulty’ signal, which I put down to fibro. It’s pointless to drink less, as the signal works whatever, and I’d prefer straw coloured urine to dark tan anytime for good kidney etc health.

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Yes I do go to the toilet a lot. However I do drink a lot of water and probably too much coffee. But I'd say I go more than usual. When I was getting diagnosed I had nearly every test going so I know it's not an infection etc.

Doing a quick Google search I found quite a few articles on bladder issues and fibromyalgia, I wasn't aware of the link but it does look like it can effect both the bowel and bladder. I have IBS so I've always put down that side of things to having that.

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Thank you for your reply im going to make appointment to see doctor need to find out x

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I agree with all the people on here who talk about keeping up fluid. Dehydration affects the colon negatively and makes pee concentrated and irritating and prone to infection. So yes to D Mannose as it is basically from cranberry, yes to mag glycinate and try uva ursi tea as that also helps. Nutra release do a nice one with juniper berries.

I had forgotten how I couldn't get through watching any outside entertainment without a pee just before, in the interval, and also after before I travel home, so I'm going back to using tiny acupressure magnets that you can get on amazon as they make a big difference and stop you worrying so much about going out. Sometimes they can come unstuck but you have to experiment with spot plasters. An acupuncturist or shiatzu practitioner can tell you where to put them. Basically it is about an inch below the centre of the palm and an inch and a half up from your wrist on the the line a palm reader would tell you is your lifeline. More info about positioning on the web. Also see Korean hand magnets. These have always worked quite well for me but no way would I also be without tena type protection. I can promise you, you are going to become an expert and pretty much ace it! Best wishes.

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Yes I have this same problem except for at night. Trained my bladder to hold it at night due to childhood fear of darkness due to dad watching scary movies which lead to nightmares. So mostly only have the problem during the day. Saw the urologist who did some test and diagnosed me with interstitial cystitis. Had the bladder stimulator implant but my body kept pushing out the leads so had it taken out.

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Hi yes I seem to. And I have to go I can't seem to hold it for long so have started to were pads.

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I had exactly the same problem all last year and was eventually was diagnosed with stress incontinence/over active bladder.

Symptoms were

- a sudden and urgent need to pee (urinary urgency)

- needing to pee more often than usual (urinary frequency)

- wetting yourself if you cannot make it to the loo in time (urinary incontinence)

Been prescribed Mirabegron to help control this. Was talking 25mg for a few months Now increased to 50mg and has been helping

Mirabegron works by relaxing the muscles around your bladder and means your bladder can hold more liquid and reduces your need to pee as often or as urgently.

Was also told to do pelvic floor exercises too but with regular flare ups that’s been impossible to do.

Worth talking to your Dr about.

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Yeah same issues more or less every 15mins and at times I can walk out or the bathroom and have to turn straight back and this is my fibromyalgia causing it, I've been checked in every way possible for any other issue causing this.I've tried all sorts of things to extend times between constantly living in the bathroom,, from cutting down on drinks to stopping coffee and eating healthy.. has not change a thing for me.

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Join the club!... It's a nuisance.

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I see you are 62 the same age as me. I have been a lot worse over the past 3 years with this problem 🙈I am a carer and my colleagues say I should have a catheter bag as I am in and out of the toilet every ten minutes or so🤦‍♀️I’m the same when I’m at home constantly going to the bathroom😩x

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