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don't know if this is the right site

woke again this morning with the same chronic persistent pelvic pain.took dogs out tho knew it was going to be a struggle.nto too bad walking on level ground btu when Buster decided he was going to walk up some fairly steep steps from the river to the town I knew it was going to be hard for me.needed both dogs to pull me up and pain was so unbearable when climbing steps and uphill -every time I climbed up a step.private gynae appointment on Tuesday and seeing my gp on Wednesday.tell him if hell take me seriously pelvic pain is so bad I cannot walkup steps/stairs or sure that area is swollen too.what are the chances of asking him if something can be done about the curve in my spine-think i also have the same in my neck vertebrae

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hi anbuma, just replied to the previous one,



anbuma, ask him I would I'm having pelvic pain from the fibro so I know how much it hurts even though I have no swelling in that area It still confines me to stores that have scooters with baskets. Remember how will you know if you don't ask. xxx


Hi anbuma

I agree totally with Rosetta2014, ask them? It is the only way to find out these things.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

Ken x


So sorry you are having a rough time of it. Try and write down all your symptoms and when it happens before you go to both appointments and try to take notes of what the gyno says. If your spine is curved it could possibly be pressing on some nerves that link to the pelvic area? Let us know how you get onx


thanks guys.i have a list prepared fro the private gynae-for the last 3 years -when symptoms started .I know it wont be all her concern -but the last 2 years will be.i have asked my gp on several occasions for answers but don't get any/the answers I need.this appointment is to discuss issues and then I am going to ask him why I have swellings /skin rashes etc as these aren't fibro related.maybe ask him why he says things he has said -don't give me any reassurance and hwy he wont refer me .(give me support re consultants.??tho this is old ground)


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