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I have recently started taking duloxetine and have been on co-codamol for around 7 months at highest dose i can take (60mg 4 times a day pretty much) for pain. I have tried reducing CC but pain gets unbearable at times so keep going back up. This morning i woke up pretty late compared to normal and was about 2hrs late taking my morning tablets.

My hands are shaking badly and was feeling very sick and they not kicked in yet. I have noticed this a few times if forgotten to take out late. So basically does this mean my body is addicted to the codeine? I really don't want to take tablets but have no choice at moment. The pain clinic were in touch and have recommended short term doubling duloxetine dose to 120mg per day so that i might be able to reduce the codeine.

Do others get these symptoms or is it just another on the long list of fibro?


24 Replies
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Hi it is possible that you are addicted to the codeine, I was taking maximum dose of Co-codamol and decided that it wasn't good for me to take so much. So I weaned myself off them, and found that they hadn't really been doing much for my pain. I still have a prescription for them but only take them when the pain is severe, so maybe I'll take the full dose for a couple of days until I can do without them again. The key is to wean yourself off the Codeine slowly, one tablet at a time. I just take 50mg of Amitriptyline at night now, helps me sleep and helps against the pain too.

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I was on cocodomol do not really remember much of anything of the year, was on them, however do remember was shaking in pain and them not helping,

was switched to paracetamol and meptid. which allowed me to remember everyday.

The cold turkey was horrid off the cocodomol

I later dropped meptid.

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Hi Tassadar,

I had exactly the same reaction when I was coming off Duloxetine. Absolutely awful withdrawal symptoms form that. I have too been on Co-codamol for years but never had an issue with that.

It could be the Duloxetine you are having issues with and not the Co-Codamol.

I eventually come off the Duloxetine completely but as I said the withdrawals were horrendous, never again. My advise to you would be not to increase the dosage on Duloxetine if you can manage.

Hope you resolve the issue.



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Tassadar in reply to Nelly1

Thanks Neil, I've not even been on the duloxetine for a month yet which is why I'm assuming it's the CC. I've got a medication review coming up hopefully soon so will make sure to discuss then and hopefully resolve as don't like the idea l if being addicted to something that has minimal benefit anyway.Andy

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BaffledKaffy in reply to Nelly1

It is imperative to slowly taper off Duloxetine, because the side effects of stopping the medication at once can be horrendous. Personally I have been weaning from only 30mg of Duloxetine daily for almost THREE YEARS … The side effects change with each removal of 5% of the remaining tiny beads in the capsules, but are lessening for me at this time. I would NEVER advise anyone to STOP “COLD TURKEY!” (In the U.S., that means ceasing any size dosage immediately … ) In my experience, if anyone offers to give you this medication, you should RUN from that prescriber.

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JamesPDeans in reply to JamesPDeans

my wife suffers from migraine and had taken cocodamol regularly, not even the maximum dose and not every day, but she ended up with the medicine induced headache

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Tassadar in reply to JamesPDeans

I had headaches solid for about 3 years before i started CC. As soon as i took duloxetine the headaches stopped.I'm ideal world i don't want to be taking any tablets as aware longer you take something the more likely some other unwanted side effect will happen.

Unfortunately don't see that happening short term of ever but hopefully can improve

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I was taking high doses of CC until I started on biologic injections. Yes my hands used to shake terribly in the mornings whilst I was on high doses and they no longer do. Also CC must have sedated me at night as I now suffer from chronic insomnia.

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Tassadar in reply to Maud-ie

Thanks, hopefully I'll be able to reduce dose and not have that problem. I've had a problem sleeping for years which hasn't changed on CC and don't really want to take yet something else to help so have gotten used to 4-6hrs max a night

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I found reducing the dose of CC gradually, even cutting or biting tablets in half worked for me. I was taking maximum dose, but now just take them as and when on my worst days.

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4 - 6 hours would be a luxury indeed!

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Hi im on duloxtine 60 mg a day. I'm sorry to here this I would have a chat with pain clinic there has got to be more to help you. I take tramadol for pain but only when serious pain . But I do understand couple of years ago I came off antidepressants and I felt dizzy sick etc but I did it little dose at a time how the doctor said to do it.

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definitely sounds like it is addiction related. It happened to my nephew who started taking it for headaches. Kept increasing the dose but then started thinking he was having a heart attack and anxiety. He realized it was the co-codomal. Came off them cold turkey and has been fine since.

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Hi, I tried naproxen for pain many years ago, they didn’t help at all until eventually I was prescribed co codamol alongside them and they really made a difference. Over the years I had been on citralopam and they worked brilliantly for my anxiety and I felt ‘normal’ and got through the day. I was then taken off citralopam due to length of time and my age and dreaded it but I was put on 60mg morning and 30mg evening and not only do they help with anxiety but I’ve found they also with the co codamol and naproxen all work well together for all of my pain. Lots of people can’t take co codamol I know but I felt terrible after 1dose of tramadol as it made me feel sick, no control and knocked me right out. I have blood tests yearly to keep an eye on my kidneys etc and I would not be able to get out of bed let alone function and work so atm I am very grateful to have found something that works for me. I hope all who are still looking for medication that relieves their pain and suffering find what is right for them🤞🙏xx oops duloxetine was the medication I forgot to say

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Tassadar in reply to Cotswolds25121

Glad you found a combo that works. I used to take naproxen, but am no longer meant to take them due to clotting issues with my blood, but here's hoping some other combo will work 👍

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oh that’s very interesting as I have a rare blood condition and have had a clot in the past🤔so I shall definitely be checking with my gp, so thank you for sharing that information x

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I've always found it easier to stop meds that might cause withdrawal symptoms (eg nasal spray drops, sleeping tablets, tramadol) when I already feel godawful due to a cold or flu - especially as I just can't be bothered to find them/go get them/take them, if I feel really bad

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Well as per recommendation from pain clinic I've started on the higher dose of duloxetine and what a difference. I can still feel the pain pretty much everywhere but it's no longer as debilitating as it was and i can do more. Hopefully i can reduce the CC now and get off taking it regular and only use of really needed.

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I am on duloxtine 60mg I'm not sure if I'm going to take them anymore I may ask to reduce down. Still having serious issues not being able to move at all drive I'm having to rely on my friends and partner this has bean a year nearly and still saying its fibromyalgia, intill my doctor sent them a photo of my fingers knee and toes that swell . Had bloods taken and waiting for those to come back . I am unable to work to at the moment. Took tramdol for the pain but won't again because I've bean very sick with them was 4 days till I felt my self . So I now have to just wait for my next appointment. They suggest either arthritis side of or gout. Suggested medication but I will have to wait and see .

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Tassadar in reply to 1whitestar

hope they able to diagnose the issue and treat quick so that you get some relief from it. I am finding the duloxitine better than anything else i've had so for me they are a godsend right now as they allowing me to function again. yes still have pain, but compared to what it was its now manageable and hopefully will let me get off the CC and only use it if really needed

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1whitestar in reply to Tassadar

I'm glad that's helping for you. It's nice to here. I'm in so much pain my left arm shoulder I can't move. Pain is a scale on a 9. I've had to resort back to just 1 tramdol paractmol. I've put cold gell and got a hot water bottle. I just want the pain to ease so I can sleep. I'm not great handling pain either.

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Tassadar in reply to 1whitestar

Sorry to hear that. Is my legs and back which are worst and was at the point that struggled playing with kids etc as if i went down i couldn't get back up without help. CC even at highest dose would give bit of relief for pain for maybe 20m but didn't help with the fatigue and lack of strength. Since increased dose of dulox, within 2 days could stand up myself from a crouch and can spend more time with the children. Still pretty sore if do too much though.Nurse at clinic told me there are loads of different combinations they can try to find what works as everyone different. Hope you manage to find one that works soon. I've had bad experience with tramadol before so would never use again but need to get off the CC also.

Maybe something like amytriptilene might help but I'm no expert.

Hopefully sort soon and you can get decent sleep. Without decent sleep everything so much worse in my experience

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The doc should help you come off co-codamol

I came of Demazapan it took weeks to get of it .

I couldn’t leave the house or be on my own .

I hope you slowly come of them .

Parctmol would be better .

I’m on duloxtine and I get head shakes .

Hope you get better :)

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