Got diagnosis over a year ago now, thought I was going to be told that I had onset of arthritis ........... specialist told me I had all symptoms of fibromyalgia - didn't fully grasp what that meant / would entail at time ! I must confess to being mildy relieved when told NOT arthritic, but the symptoms of fibro are every bit as crippling, painful and REAL ! As you fellow sufferers will know, it takes some living with and because no outward/visible signs to on-lookers, not a very believable ailment ! It's no joke though, having almost continual pain in any area of your body at any given time, disturbed sleep becomes the " norm " and wanting to curl up in a ball and sleep - because it is sooo comforting ! I genuinely thought my body was literally disintigrating below my skin with fibro, it just felt like I was falling apart - body feels so weak and sore, hard to explain but real to feel ! Wrong choice of words I know, but comforting to know that there are fellow sufferers out there, who understand and can identify with what I am saying here ..............

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  • yeah i know exactly where you are coming from it is no joke we all look so normal ( well some of us ) lol but if they could put a scanner on you that would show up all your pain and other wonderful things that go with fibro i think people would wonder how the hell we manage to put one foot in front of the other!!!!!???? and some days i really dont know what to do with myself, i dont swear but at 3,30 am this morning i actually sat up and said for f--k sake jus let me sleep no one to hear it just the teddys on the bed but i jus had to say it. oh well you have good day or as good as you can and soft hug for you Diddle xxx

  • Thanks, feels good to have this online support to share / compare with !

  • Hi Jan, I was diagnosed 5 years ago now, altho I didn't believe my first 2 diagnosis, I couldn't believe that I could be in as much pain everywhere in my body and not have arthritis. I also thought that I was getting the early onset of alzheimers - very relieved to find out it was just my 'foggy' moments (fibro fogs).

    This is an horrendous illness and I would gladly swap in a minute with all those non believers!!!

  • Hi Jan, I know where you are comming from, i was diagnosed wiht fibro about 2 years ago and went through hell not understanding the illness and having idiots tell me it isnt a real illness, i joind this site a few weeks ago and have found it to be great for advise,support,freindship and somtimes a bloody good laugh when reading some of the blogs and answers,

    Hope you enjoy the site as much as i do, Keep your chin up :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • hi jan , i was diagnosed last year the rheumotoligist handed me a leaflet and said you have fm and people who continue to work have a better prognosis ! he made me feel like i was idle , at no time did he take into account id trained to be a nurse , raised 7 children , 5 on my own after i left an abusive relationship and was currently holding down a demanding job in retail he seemed very rude and abrupt with me, no explanations ,. i was gutted i felt like i was perceived as having nothing wrong with me , i even felt i had to stop wearing make up and started dressing drably to become outwardly the person i was feeling inside . I too was relieved when i read about fibro fog as i thought i had dementia . wow didnt realise a greeting could turn into such a rant sorry lol welcome Jan

  • Hey all ............... thanks so much for your warm welcomes and shared experiences of the demon that is F-M ......... People really have NO clue what we feel like and explaining it to them (unless a sufferer) just doesn't really cut it huh ! I would never have believed the level of pain from this - I actually thought my skeletal frame was on melt-down, or that I had something sinister like the dreaded BIG C !! Fibromyalgia is very dibilitating, painful and frustrating to say the very least - glad I have you guys on board to talk to about this .......... great to meet you all - will continue sharing and supporting with ya ! :) X

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