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Alpha lipoic acid & Fibromyalgia


Hello all .. Hope you are all keeping well X

I wonder if anyone with fibromyalgia has tried Alpha Lipoic Acid for pain relief ? My mum is newly diagnosed with Fibro and she's in terrible pain, depressed , sleepless nights ( the usual with this diagnosis ) ..but she quite a complicated case as she also has GCA, Ankylosing Spondulitis, osteoporosis & now this Fibro 😢 I feel so helpless and have tried all sorts of pain relief from her GP and her GCA professor but I read about his ALA just by chance because she's had no taste or smell for nearly 2 years and they are recommending ALA for long Covid patients who still have no senses and then I stumbled across some info that says it's had a lot of research with helping ease Fibro ... Just wanted anyone's thoughts if they'd tried it ? Thank you x

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am aware it is mentioned as a supplement on some sites but to my knowledge there is not good evidence for it as yet.

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